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Use the internet safely during winter sports

After months of waiting, it’s finally here. You do winter sports! When you’re ready to hurtle down the slopes at full speed, you get a message that you want to respond to quickly. You open your phone and see that you have no internet connection. Your only option is a Wi-Fi network with a strange name. Connecting to this network is not very smart at all. But how can you use the internet safely during winter sports?

Can you use the internet safely during winter sports?

Of course, you can also use the internet safely on the slopes. It’s just important to know that not all public Wi-Fi networks are set up for the right purpose. You never know who started the network and what their intentions are. So think carefully before connecting to a public Wi-Fi network.

Hidden dangers

When you do winter sports, avalanches and broken legs are not the only hidden dangers. Hackers and other types of cybercriminals also increase the risk factor for your favorite ski resort. But what dangers should you watch out for?

Cybercriminals disguise themselves
Public Wi-Fi is one of the most common pitfalls we all fall into. The moment of happiness that comes to mind as soon as you see that you have access to free Wi-Fi should not be your first reaction. Cybercriminals can obtain a lot of data from all winter sports enthusiasts via public Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi network owners can see all of the internet traffic sent through the Wi-Fi channel. For this trick to work, cyber criminals disguise themselves. They don’t hide behind a snowman, they create their public WiFi network with a name that you immediately believe. For example from the nearest hotel.

If a cybercriminal gains access to the Internet traffic of winter sports enthusiasts, he can create a profile of every snow lover who connects to the network. That’s what a hacker does it for. All this information is as great for hackers as a winter sports store made of gold.

Whether it’s credit card details or important passwords. Everything is interesting. And the best part is that cybercriminals can intercept the internet traffic of winter sports enthusiasts with a special tool. They don’t even have to create their Wi-Fi network!

The threat is closer than you think
While the chances are slim, the threat may be closer than you think. Hotel owners can also set up public Wi-Fi networks for other purposes than you might initially think. In any case, they can earn a lot of money from the internet traffic of winter sports enthusiasts.

All in all, certainly, even networks are not always reliable. Only connect if you can say with 100% certainty that you want to connect to the right network or protect yourself extra well. Safe internet for winter sports is no longer a problem!

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Use the internet safely during winter sports with a VPN

With a VPN connection, you can use the internet safely during winter sports. When you connect to a VPN, a secure connection is created between you and the internet. Cybercriminals can do their best in this case, but your internet traffic is beyond their reach. You’ll be safer than ever on the slopes, while hackers and other cybercriminals are left behind like a puddle of melted snow.

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