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A VPN connection for Windows 10

Making use of a VPN connection is the correct way to submit private data and secret data through the Internet in a secured manner. Moreover, you can be sure that your identity and location remain unknown. Most VPN services offer VPN software that is compatible with virtually all operating systems, and nowadays also Windows 10. Continue reading to find out how a VPN works, what the advantages are and how you can create a VPN connection for Windows 10.

Your data in safe hands with a VPN connection

Seeing as hackers are waiting around every corner to steal passwords, PIN codes and banking data from unsuspecting Internet users, it would be wise to secure your data. This is a piece of cake with a VPN connection: after all, the VPN software encrypts the data flow from and to your PC or mobile device. This encryption happens in such a thorough manner that a possible hacker has no use for the data they captured.

Guaranteed anonymity on the web

If you want to visit a website by means of a VPN connection, your PC or mobile device will connect to a VPN server somewhere abroad. This foreign VPN server will then establish a connection with the requested website. The advantage of this is that your Internet address (the so-called IP address) will not be known. This is because the website that you visit only registers the IP address of the VPN server. Because the real IP address of the visitor is not known, your identity and your location can not be tracked. So you are surfing the web anonymously and your surfing habits will not be monitored by all kinds of websites or organizations, which would otherwise be the case.

No known location

Also the fact that it is not known where you are offers many advantages. You can pretend to be in another country and thus gain access to the full contents of foreign websites, something that is often not possible in the Netherlands. In countries where the government prohibits access to certain websites or social media, you can still use a VPN connection to get access to the blocked websites.

Affordable and user-friendly VPN with a decent server network. Provides reliable encryption and privacy features for basic browsing needs
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A VPN connection for Windows 10

In the new operating system Windows 10 you can very easily create a permanent VPN connection. Click on the icon “Notifications” in the system tray and then click on “VPN”. In the following screen, you click on “Add a VPN connection”. Then, fill out the necessary data of the VPN server and the VPN protocol (you normally receive this information from your VPN provider). Finally, fill out your username and password. This established VPN connection for Windows 10 style can from now on be used to quickly switch to a VPN connection. WIth the software of GOOSE VPN you can use a VPN without all of these difficult settings. You download the software, log in and click on connect.

Use a VPN connection with GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN offers an excellent VPN service for an affordable price. You can start using GOOSE VPN for only 1,80 per month. The VPN software of GOOSE VPN is compatible with Windows (even Windows 10!), Mac, Android and iOS.