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5 reasons why every traveller should use a VPN connection

A lot of travellers have their suitcase or backpack full of gadgets, like iPhones, iPads, digital cameras and other portable equipment. A lot of times, no matter where you’re going to travel to, you need to take care of things online. This can be a simple email, but it can also be an important job. Most of the time people use public Wi-Fi networks, this is not only a source of viruses, but it is also used a lot by hackers who can steal your personal data.

Using a VPN can reduce the chance of these risks significantly. That is why a good VPN connection cannot be missing on your list of things to bring! Nowadays there are all kinds of VPN service providers who allow you to connect to them everywhere in the world. As long as you’re using the internet, this will be the best kind of protection against online dangers. When you’re traveling yourself or are planning to travel alone, then really read these 5 reasons why you should always use a VPN service during your trip.

1. No Geo-blocking

You know the situation, you’re abroad but you still want to see that one show again. Many times you will see something like “For this episode, there is a legal restriction. It is therefore not allowed to watch this episode from your geographical location”. With a VPN you can bypass this geo-blocking and watch everything, everywhere you want! Read also: Visit blocked websites with a VPN connection.

2. Anonymous surfing

Now that your IP-address is hidden, you can now surf anonymously between your data, personal information and other things which you want to keep out of the reach of cybercriminals. This especially applies to travel bloggers, because when their reputation and name are being stolen by a hacker, you’re in some real trouble. Read also: Browse the web anonymously with a VPN-connection.

3. Safe browsing

Another advantage of anonymous surfing is that all privacy-sensitive information like your name, email address, password and chat logs are being hidden. Now you don’t have to worry about someone looking over your digital shoulder, later using this data against you.

4. Hidden IP-address

Scammers and hackers basically always try to trace your IP-address so that they can find out everything about you. The advantage of a VPN is that you can surf anonymously because you will be provided with a new IP-address based on the location that you’ve selected.

5. Safe public Wi-Fi connections

Everybody knows that public Wi-Fi networks are very much loved by hackers and scammers. A lot of these public networks are found at airports and at cafes; places at which you will spend a lot of time at as a traveller. When you have a VPN connection, you can use the internet without worrying while you’re waiting for your plane or when you’re just enjoying a good cup of coffee. Read also: Surfing safe and anonymously on a public Wi-Fi network by using a VPN.

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