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Dutch television abroad with GOOSE VPN

Watching television has become a lot easier in recent decades. Not only can you now record or rewind programs more easily due to the rise of digital television, but you can even simply watch the program later using Missed Broadcast. Unfortunately, this only works if you are in the Netherlands.

Why does Uitzending Gemist only work in the Netherlands?

Even if you are going on a trip, you still want you might not miss your favourite show. Perhaps there is not much to do at your travel destination in the evening and you would like to watch some Dutch television. Or maybe you will be staying abroad for a long period, but at the same time, you do not want to miss out on the Dutch offer. Unfortunately, the software used to rewatch certain films and series with Uitzending Gemist has some restrictions, which means that they cannot always be viewed abroad. That’s not very convenient. Certainly not if you would have loved to be able to watch the news from your holiday destination. Fortunately, there is a solution.

Virtual Private Network

TV watching abroad can sometimes be useful. Especially if you don’t want to miss your favourite program or want to stay informed about what’s happening in the world with the news. Fortunately, in our digital age, there is a method to get around the restrictions. Using a Virtual Private Network, for example. A VPN is a secure, encrypted and individual internet connection that you can use for various things. This type of connection uses an existing connection (eg public Wi-Fi network) but creates an extra secure tunnel connection that offers more advantages and eliminates the disadvantages of a free public network.

Advantages of a VPN

Internet users primarily use a VPN to surf the Internet safely themselves. Anyone who simply surfs the world wide web online using a public Wi-Fi network runs the risk of having their personal data stolen by hackers. After all, everyone can use the same network. In addition, it also has as advantage that you can surf the internet anonymously. After all, you use the IP address of the server you are on. This anonymity has its advantages when it comes to circumventing geo-restrictions. Anyone who makes an internet connection with a server in the Netherlands using a VPN can also watch TV abroad. That way you never have to miss your favourite programs again. Regardless of where you are.

GOOSE VPN: affordable and safe online

In the Netherlands, VPN is provided by GOOSE. This provider offers the service of a Virtual Private Network in a user-friendly way so that you can use the internet safely anytime, anywhere. With GOOSE VPN you can not only surf the internet securely, but you can also download content anonymously. And of course, you can also watch series, films and other programs that are normally only available in a certain country on your laptop. Click here to register for GOOSE VPN with 30 days money back guarantee.

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