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Do you want a Cookie with that?

If you visit a website, it is usually requests you to accept its cookies. Without thinking about it, most visitors accept this. Nearly nobody thinks about what cookies are and how they can threaten your online security. We will explain it to you in an easily understandable language!

What exactly is a cookie ?

A cookie is actually a very small text file. This file is stored on your computer when you visit a website. These files contain complicated computer language, that the average Internet user can’t read. Some cookies will disappear from your computer when you log out or shut down your device, but there are also those on your computer forever. The owners of the websites collect information through this data. Sometimes, after visiting a particular website, you’ll see all sorts of ads with offers for products or services you’ve searched for earlier. Based on the stored cookies these recommendations are made. Websites allow advertisers to place cookies and thus store your search behaviour.

What about my safety in regards to cookies?

Many people are worried about their online security because they can be traced exactly what sites are visited and how long they stay on these pages. The laws and regulations regarding cookies are likely to be adapted from Dutch to European legislation. That is beneficial because European legislation and regulations are a lot stricter. This prevents data from being used by third parties cause of the new legislation. You must also explicitly authorize receiving recommendations through other ads. The number of cookie notifications will be a lot less and you will have more privacy while visiting a well-functioning site.

Laws and regulations

When the new legislation will become active is not yet clear, but it is quite certain that it will come soon. For many entrepreneurs and businesses, this can obviously have a big impact on their business strategy and revenue. Many entrepreneurs are now looking for solutions to collect data from Internet users in a different way. For example, special sites can be set up where you can choose if you would like ads from that specific advertiser or not. Another possibility is that browsers like Firefox or Google Chrome come up with a solution. Data can also be collected based on IP addresses which are sent as soon as a website is visited.

To ensure your safety and privacy, you can better take care for your own. Data can be used not only for commercial purposes but also for criminal purposes. If hackers get bank or credit card information, tax returns or other personal information, this could lead to big problems. Public wifi networks are also contain a big risk because, the security is very low. Often you get access without password, so you can imagine that potential hackers have no difficulties to intercept your data or even passwords.


All this can be avoided simply by using VPN, a Virtual Private Network. This is a special connection that keeps your data shielded. On a public network, you will only be visible as a user, but it is impossible to see what you are doing. Another advantage is that you can choose your own IP address, which can’t be seen from where the website is visited. Many websites that are now blocked for visitors from the Netherlands are then available again. For example, think of the American Netflix. The subscription costs are easy to pay because you can buy with a VPN service at foreign online stores that are blocked with a normal connection.
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