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Secure your smart home system
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Secure your smart home system

‘Hey, Alexa’ with the smart home system from Amazon or ‘Hey Google’ with the smart home system from – you guessed it – Google. You’ve probably heard someone say it over the years. Smart home systems have made a huge rise in recent years. In the Netherlands alone, 4.5 million Dutch people have at least one smart device at home.

From “Hey Google, turn on the lights” to “Hey Alexa, play the song I Ain’t Worried by OneRepublic”, no question is too crazy. “I’m not worried” is what the title of the song I Ain’t Worried means. But nothing could be further from the truth. Especially when it comes to smart home systems. Do you already know what the dangers of a smart home system are? And how can you secure your smart home systems?

What exactly is a smart home system?

Smart home systems can be found everywhere. But what exactly are smart home systems?

A smart home system is a system to which you can connect all your smart devices. The convenience of this is that you can operate all your smart devices from one central point and that you can let the smart devices communicate with each other with the smart home system.

Smart home systems do not communicate with each other to

what they did over the weekend. They communicate with each other to exchange data so that you can control all your smart devices from one point. Don’t have the time and/or feel like vacuuming? With one push of a button in your smart home system, you can have your robot vacuum cleaner clean the entire house. How convenient is that!

The dangers of a smart home system

Very handy that you can quickly turn on the heating at home just before you fly back from your favorite holiday country or that your coffee machine prepares a delicious fresh cup of coffee every morning. The communication between smart devices makes this possible, but also entails risk. Smart home systems often communicate via the internet. And let this be one of the favorite places of hackers. You must therefore secure your smart home system.

At first, it often does not occur to people that you can also be hacked via your smart home system. Too many people have experienced this. For example, some hackers hack smart thermostats and set the temperature in someone’s home to 37 degrees. A holiday in sunny Spain is nothing like this. With sweat pouring from your forehead you want to lower the temperature in the house, but the hacker has outsmarted you.

Due to a small leak in your system, hackers can enter your system in no time so that they can find out all the internet traffic, or even take over the smart home system. Securing your smart home system, and therefore yourself is important!

Have a secured smart home system with a VPN

A VPN connection is an ideal tool for those who want to secure their smart home system. Especially if the VPN connection is set up on your router.

A VPN connection ensures that a secure connection is established between the router and the internet. The secure connection ensures that all internet traffic from the router is encrypted and routed through a VPN server so that hackers cannot monitor the internet traffic. All devices connected to the router’s internet, including your smart home system, are therefore extra protected.

Most devices connected to the internet have an IP address. This also applies to some smart home systems. Your IP address allows you to be traced, but can often also be used as a ‘password’ for your smart home system. When you use a VPN, your device temporarily takes over the IP address of the VPN server, so that you cannot be traced and no one can see your IP address.

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