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The incognito mode: not so incognito at all. Protect yourself with a VPN service!

The incognito mode is available on almost all internet browsers. Most people use this mode in the hope that they will anonymously use the internet. Unfortunately, that is certainly not the case. The mode can help protect your privacy, but there are much better ways to make sure your privacy remains protected.

What does an incognito mode do?

But why is there an option to surf ‘incognito’ on almost every browser? Because sometimes it can be useful. When you search for a hotel, you may see prices go up over time. Sometimes this is due to so-called cookies. The cookies from the booking websites remember that you have been there before. Then the prices can be increased, just for you. So you spend more for, for example, a hotel than is actually necessary. If you use the private function of your browser, the cookies will be automatically deleted after each use. The browser history is also not saved.

What the incognito function doesn’t do

The incognito browsing feature is often used for things it’s not actually intended for. For example, many people use the function at work, hoping that the employer will not discover that something else is being done during working hours. But the employer can still view your internet history if you use private mode. Your internet provider can also see what you are up to on the internet. These people all have access to your IP address, with which they can find out who and where you are. The private mode also does not help against hackers who want to steal your passwords or bank details.

VPN as a more anonymous alternative

Fortunately, there is also a safer alternative, namely the VPN. This hides your IP address, as it were, you get an IP address from your VPN provider. Your employer and your internet provider do not have access to this address, so you can use the internet much more anonymously. For example, did you know that hackers can easily retrieve your password, especially if you connect to a public wifi-network? Even if you want to use streaming services such as Popcorn Time, a VPN can be very useful. This way you cannot be tracked. With the arrival of the DigiD, it is more important than ever to protect yourself against hackers.

Banking too is often arranged online and most people also shop on the internet. As a result, you actually send sensitive information every day. This information should not fall into the hands of others. GOOSE VPN ensures that your data remains anonymous, making it virtually impossible for hackers to steal your data. And there are many more advantages to a GOOSE VPN, for example, it can ensure that you can use the internet faster and that you watch more movies and series on Netflix. It doesn’t have to be expensive at all, you already have one for less than 3 euros per month. In return, you’ll be protected from hackers and you’ll be able to browse truly privately. More than enough reasons to even try it out.

If you want to know more about the benefits of a VPN, click on this link.

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