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Do you have a VPN on your smartphone?

You probably read this article on your smartphone right now, but this is not the only thing you do on your smartphone. Using WhatsApp or transferring some money to your checking account because you find out you have reached your limit. You just realised it when you have to pay the bill after diner in a restaurant or when you have to pay for your groceries in the supermarket. The mobile data of your subscription is also low, so you use the (non-secure) wifi network! Stop! First put your VPN to, to be sure that you do this safely. Don’t you have any VPN? Read more to know why you need a VPN on your smartphone.

Advantages of a VPN on your smartphone

Smartphones being hacked is appearing more and more in the news. Therefore, it is perhaps one of the most important benefits that a VPN offers, security. By using a VPN on your smartphone, you are protected from hackers. An active VPN connection ensures that you’re using an encrypted internet connection and a different IP-address. This makes it difficult for hackers to get access to your data. But this is not the only advantage of a VPN on your smartphone.

Lifting blockades of VoIP services

VoIP stands for “Voice Over Internet Protocol ‘, these are services like Skype and WhatsApp. There are countries that block VoIP services. These services are blocked in certain countries, like Dubai, Egypt and Turkey, because telecom companies will otherwise miss their income. By blocking Skype you’re forced to make use of the telephone network. The solution to this is a VPN, because you can override the geographical barriers. With the application on your smartphone, you can connect to another server. Because of this, it seems like you are in another country and you can still use the VoIP services.

Anonymity online

With a VPN, all information will be sent through an encrypted tunnel. This ensures that your online activities are not visible for third parties. Not even for your telecom provider. You can browse the internet without any worries. Internet banking on your smartphone is also safer with a VPN, as that data is secured with encryption.

Streaming services

There are several streaming services to watch your favourite series and films. The offer of movies and series varies by country. Just as for the VoIP services is a VPN useful for streaming. If you are in England and you choose a U.S. server, you get to see the U.S. streaming services. And if you are abroad and you choose an English server you get to see the English services. This offers you the possibility to continue following your series all over the world!

Maybe you don’t watch that series when you are at your destination, but only while traveling. Through some services, you can download certain movies and series, so you can view these offline. You can download movies and series when you are on holiday and watch these offline through your flight. The flight will then definitely go faster.

Cheap online shopping

Products and services are not in any country for the same price. There are also products and services that won’t be able in all countries. By using your VPN these products will be available.


By installing a VPN on your smartphone, you can take advantage of all these benefits. GOOSE VPN is very user-friendly! No need to be a techie to use GOOSE VPN. It is simple: register, install and connect.

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