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Watch all Formula 1 matches online with a VPN connection

The sports enthusiasts among us got their money’s worth in recent summer months. The European football championship, the Tour de France, and the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro: something for everyone. And it’s not over yet, because there are still a lot of Formula 1 races on the program.

How to watch formula 1 races?

If you have an extensive cable subscription for your television, with extra (paying) sports channels, you usually have no problem following your favourite Formula 1 races live. However, you can also follow these matches online for free. In the United Kingdom, you can watch sports matches online via Channel 4. In the United States, this is possible via NBC Sports, and in Australia, Ten Play puts sports programs online. Only… you have to live in these countries to use these online services. So that’s not much use to you in the Netherlands, is it?

Watch all your sports programs online with a VPN connection

You can watch the full range of online programs from anywhere in the world with a VPN connection. VPN (What is a VPN?) is the abbreviation of virtual private network or virtual private network. With a VPN connection, you can pretend to be in another country. For example, you can set up a VPN connection from the Netherlands with a VPN server in the United States. From that VPN server, you can reach the NBC Sports website and follow the full American range of sports programs. For the visited website, it looks like you are in the United States.

What else does a VPN connection offer?

With a VPN connection, you go “underground” on the internet. A hacker who is after personal data that you send via an internet connection comes home from a bare journey with a VPN connection. After all, VPN services encrypt the data you send, so that it is unreadable to third parties. In addition, your internet address (the IP address) remains unknown. Your identity cannot be traced, nor can your location be traced. No better way to stay invisible on the internet.

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The benefits of being invisible

Besides the fact that your real location is not known and you can therefore pretend that you are visiting a website from another country, invisibility on the web offers other advantages. You don’t realize how much data is collected about you when you are on the internet. After all, all your activities on the web are logged. Websites such as Facebook and Google monitor your surfing behaviour and therefore know your interests, your preferences, your favourite programs and so on. If you don’t want all that, you have to surf anonymously with a VPN connection.

Secure and anonymous with GOOSE VPN

GOOSE VPN offers a high-quality VPN service for a low price. Your data is encrypted with a strong 256-bit method. You can use various VPN servers around the world. Don’t wait any longer: notify sign up now with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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