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Why you should watch the American version of Netflix better

The range of series and films on Netflix is constantly changing and also differs from country to country. At Netflix Netherlands, you can currently choose from one and a half thousand films and almost five hundred series. Not bad, but in the American version of Netflix, the offer is almost three times as large. This is not very surprising since Netflix was founded in the United States in 1997, while the online streaming service in the Netherlands is only available since mid-2013. More generally, the longer Netflix has existed in a country, the greater the range of films and series. Don’t you want to wait for Dutch Netflix to catch up with the United States? Then use a VPN and also watch the movies and series that you can only see on American Netflix.

What makes the US version of Netflix better

In the United States, you can watch more than five thousand films and series via Netflix. A large part of this wide range is not available via Netflix Netherlands. This not only concerns new series and films but also older shows. This has everything to do with broadcasting rights. For example, the very popular TV series ‘Friends’ can be seen via Netflix in the United States, but Netflix does not have the required license in the Netherlands. If you still want to see this series via Netflix, there is no other option than to use Netflix America. In this case, no Dutch subtitles are available, but English subtitles are of course available.

How to watch the US version of Netflix with a VPN

It is not automatically possible to access Netflix America from the Netherlands. In our country, you are basically bound to Netflix Netherlands. Netflix can see from your IP address which country you are from. An IP address is a combination of numbers associated with one specific internet connection. You can thus circumvent the geo-restriction of Netflix by connecting to the internet with a different IP address. You use a VPN service for this. As a VPN user, you no longer connect directly to Netflix, but first to a VPN server. It is then this server that connects to Netflix. Netflix sees the IP address of the VPN server, but not yours. If the VPN server is located in the United States, it will appear to Netflix as if you are in the United States. This gives you access to the series and films of American Netflix.

The ideal VPN for the US version of Netflix

Netflix obviously knows that there are people who use VPN servers to get around geo-restrictions. For this reason, the American streaming service regularly blocks IP addresses that it suspects belong to VPN servers. When looking for a VPN service with which you can watch Netflix America, it is therefore first of all important that you choose a VPN service with many servers. Once you have gained access to Netflix America, you will of course want to be able to watch the series and films at your leisure. For this, it is important that the servers are sufficiently fast. Slow servers slow down your download speed considerably, which leads to choppy streams and little viewing pleasure.

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