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goose vpn core values

Our compass

You can see in everything that we are traditionally Dutch. Our core values are therefore based on healthy Dutch standards and values. And just as geese know which way to fly, we have our compass for that. Of course, it is in our DNA, but for people who are new to the GOOSE nest, we have the compass.

core value open and honest

Just act normal,
then you're already acting crazy enough

We love Dutch sobriety and are therefore really a no-nonsense company. We don’t beat around the bush, we are open and honest. We like to keep it simple and light, because we already smell goose sh*t from a distance.

core values just do it

Actions speak louder than words

GOOSE isn’t born in the port city of Rotterdam for nothing and as they always say there: “Niet lullen, maar poetsen” (Actions speak louder than words). Just do it and don’t whine ;). Because we are a team of doers and when we say we will do something, we just do it. We believe that we learn better by doing and then adapt if necessary than from missing opportunities and playing catch-up for too long.

core value customer first

Think & act like our customer

But act like the owner. We are also our own customer; of course we use GOOSE every day. As a result, we ask ourselves “Does this work easily?” everyday. Or “What do I want to see or read here?” This way we make our product even better. Because the product will never be perfect for our users (and therefore also for ourselves ;)), if someone tells us what to do from a distance.

core value we make connections

We make connection

And then we’re not only talking about safe internet connections. We just love to connect with our customers, partners, and colleagues. Only together we can provide the right input. We therefore think your feedback is very important. If you want to say something, you can always email it to [email protected] and we will always do something with it. You determine how we develop our product.