Safe and open internet for anyone

How the GOOSE egg hatched

The story of GOOSE started in 2016, in Rotterdam. More and more often we were warned for the dangers of ‘the big bad Internet’, especially if you use public Wi-Fi networks. The solution, a VPN, was not yet widely known. The few VPNs on the market were available only in English and often impossible to understand for someone who hadn’t studied computer science for years. And if you were able to contact customer service, you would receive a very technical answer – of course –  days later. That can be done better!

We believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the worldwide web safely. That meant a no-fuss VPN that keeps everyone safe in just a few clicks. A VPN that is a breeze in terms of use. And a VPN where the customer service employees can speak to you in Dutch and English. With this mission in mind, GOOSE VPN was born, so that everyone can regain control over their online life.

goose vpn molen

Traditional Dutch

The name GOOSE VPN does not just come from anywhere. Geese that are guarding a farmyard is a very Dutch thing. They are notorious watchdogs, who make a lot of noise if someone dares to enter their yard. With a goose nearby, you don’t have to worry about burglars. But despite being on good guard, they are also free and enjoy all the space they have.

And so is GOOSE. Traditional Dutch and the best way to always use the internet safely and securely. With GOOSE you don’t have to worry about online burglars, because we monitor and secure your online data. While you don’t experience any limitations and can do whatever you want!

goose vpn core values

Dutch sobriety

You can see that we are traditionally Dutch in everything. Our core values are therefore based on healthy Dutch standards and values. These values make us who we are, they shape our culture and even influence those who participate in our mission. Our values are in our DNA and will therefore remain the same, even as we continue to grow.


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