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GOOSE VPN guarantees your safety on the internet. The affordable, customer-friendly VPN service for all your devices.


Are you really safe online?

Thinking about downloading or file-sharing in Germany can be pretty confusing. However, as long as you pay for your item, it is legal according to the copyright law to download. Most of these services take place through applications as Amazon or iTunes.

Almost all kinds of uploading, downloading and streaming are illegal. Besides the fact you need to pay a lot to download your files without any consequences, it is highly recommended to not start downloading without permission. Illegal downloading will be prosecuted with fines or even jail.

While Germany does not have many restrictions on the internet or censorship laws, ISP’s are required to retain data from up to back 10 weeks, and don’t forget German ISP’s are collaborating with the NSA in America. With a VPN connection, privacy and safety is secured, and browse activity can be hidden

Customer Satisfaction At Our Heart

An accessible ‘VPN for Spain’ provider who really listens to its customers’ That was, and is still, the underlying principle of GOOSE VPN. We found that VPN providers often don’t listen to its customers, certainly not those with little technically knowledge.

That’s why GOOSE VPN is accessible to everyone, and we really mean everybody! GOOSE is for you, your daughter, grandfather, anyone you can think of. We ensure that everybody can use the Internet with a safe feeling, and through your feedback, we continue to develop.

Why VPN in Spain?

Spain has a great internet infrastructure. Varying from 10Mbps up to 100Mbps, 72% of the Spain population has private access to the internet. Besides the access to a private network, Spain also has many options to get access to open and free Wi-Fi-connections.

These fast internet possibilities mean it is easy for holiday makers to stream their favourite programs. Unfortunately, these streaming services are mostly restricted due to legislation, however this where a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service can help! With a VPN connection, media such as YouTube or TV-programs from all across the world can be watched freely.

What does GOOSE VPN do for you?

Encrypts your communications

GOOSE VPN uses a high strength 256-bit encryption to protect your data. Browse freely from Wi-Fi hotspots and be assured that you can’t be hacked or monitored.

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Gives you privacy and performance

GOOSE VPN lets you enjoy log-free internet access whilst not restricting your internet speeds. We don’t use any bandwidth throttling, meaning you have the full speed of our network 24/7/365.

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Changes your IP address

GOOSE VPN changes your IP address. Choose among any of our server locations from around the world. GOOSE VPN guarantees your safety on the internet.

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Unlimited GOOSE VPN. 30-day money-back guarantee!

Have one or more device? No problem! Use GOOSE VPN on all of your devices simultaneously on all popular platforms at no additional cost. Now that’s what we call unlimited.


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