Where can you find a Dutch VPN or NL VPN?

Whatever you do on the internet, everything is logged by your internet provider. The websites you visit know your identity by your IP address. Which product you want to buy, what your preferences are, what taste you have: it’s all being monitored! The danger that hackers get away with confidential information is always present. On the other hand, with a VPN connection surf the web safely and anonymously. There are many providers of VPN- services, also a Dutch one. Those who prefer to use a Dutch Virtual Private Network</a >, in short a NL VPN, is at GOOSE VPN at the right place.

What is a NL VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is the best guarantee for privacy on the internet and protection against cybercriminals. What’s so special about a VPN connection? Below we list the most important features of a VPN:

  • A VPN connection takes place via a VPN server. So you never make direct contact with the website you want to visit. The VPN server is usually located abroad and serves as a kind of intermediate station. This intermediate station ensures that your identity is not known on the websites you visit.
  • The VPN servers with which a VPN connection is established are located in various countries on all continents. The websites you visit appear to be surfing from the country where the VPN server is located.
  • The VPN application on your PC or mobile device encrypts your internet traffic in such a way that hackers can no longer decipher it. The confidential information you send can therefore no longer be cybercriminals get stolen.

What can you do with a VPN connection?

With a VPN connection, you don’t have to worry about ‘ eavesdropping on your PINs and your passwords. But a VPN application offers even more possibilities:

A Dutch provider (NL VPN)

The GOOSE VPN service offers an NL VPN with large bandwidth and fast VPN servers. The software is easy to install, very user-friendly and compatible with common operating systems. You can take out a subscription for less than three euros per month. Don’t wait any longer: Click here to register for GOOSE VPN.