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For those looking for a user friendly VPN

More and more people are convinced of the many advantages that come with a VPN connection. Indeed, in order to be able to surf the Internet fully secured it is not enough to install an anti virus software and firewall onf your PC or mobile device. With a VPN connection you surf safely and anonymously. There are quite a few providers of VPN services on the market, but not all services are as easy to use. Below you can find the advantages of a VPN connection and a user friendly VPN is suggested.

Afraid people will steal your passwords and PIN codes?

Your fear is justified. Nowadays it’s almost daily news that hackers were able to reach into someones computer system in order to run off with secret information. The best firewalls and anti virus programs don’t seem to be able to resist the creativity of hackers. Yet, not a single hacker will be able to use the data that is encrypted in a secret manner. This is exactly what VPN software does: encrypting data that is sent through the Internet. By using a VPN connection, all of your secret data is therefore safe on the web.

With a VPN connection, no one knows who you are

A VPN connection not only ensures for encryption of data. If you surf to a website using a VPN connection, your PC or mobile device will first contact a VPN server. This server is usually located somewhere abroad. Most VPN providers have numerous servers that are spread all across the world. The VPN server creates a connection with the requested website. Your own IP address (your IP address) on the Internet will not be shared. Only the IP address of the VPN server that is used will be visible for the visited website. Because your own IP address is not known, no one knows who you are and where you are.

Zofia Janicki
Goed om films en series uit het buitenland te kunnen kijken.
Yasmine Hassan
GOOSE VPN werkt snel en heeft een goede service.
Sanne Hendriks
Uitstekende klantenservice.Vragen worden snel beantwoord!
Sander Weber
Handig voor als je in het buitenland bent, of juist wanneer je iets uit het buitenland wilt kijken!
Sam Jones
Groot fan van de autopilot functie. Hierdoor hoef ik zelf niet na te denken over het inschakelen van de VPN.
Ramon de Jong
Werkt perfect en snelle servers.
Peter Schouten
Zeer te spreken over het product. Genoeg servers, werkt gemakkelijk, redelijke prijs en het Cyber Alarm is een goede toevoeging.
Pauline Visser
Eenvoudig, gemakkelijk en goedkoop!
Oliver Burke
Goed product. Weinig tot geen verlies in snelheid na inschakelen VPN.
Noud Wagner
GOOSE VPN is de perfecte oplossing om Nederlandse tv te kijken als ik op reis ben.

Advantages of anonymity on the web

Privacy on the Internet is close to non-existent. Your surfing habits are monitored by Internet providers and numerous websites. Google and Facebook actively track everything that you are looking for on the web and display targeted ads to attract your attention. If you rather not have this, it is better to surf anonymously with the use of a VPN connection. Because your location is also not known with the use of a VPN, you can pretend to be in another country. This way, you can get access to the content of certain websites that are normally not accessible in the Netherlands.

User friendly VPN of GOOSE VPN

There are many providers of VPN services, but not all VPN software is equally user friendly. GOOSE VPN provides a VPN service of excellent quality for a low price. The VPN software of GOOSE can be installed in three steps in just a few minutes and you really don’t have to be a rocket scientist for it! Everyone can use the easy to use VPN software of GOOSE.