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Refund Policy

By using the GOOSE VPN service you agree to our Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy and Refund Policy.

For all paid GOOSE VPN plans

You have a right to cancel your account at any time. You can cancel a recurring subscription from your website profile or iTunes/App Store. Cancelled accounts will not be refunded for the unused part of the ongoing service period.

All new GOOSE VPN accounts have a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee if less than 100MB of data has been used and if the user is still in their trial period. If a customer cancels their GOOSE VPN subscription, they will have their payment refunded if the above conditions are met.

Refund of payments for subscriptions where bandwidth usage exceeded 100MB and other cases are at the discretion of the GOOSE VPN management. As a rule of thumb, we do issue refunds for services with overused bandwidth in cases when users experience ongoing unresolved technical problems with GOOSE VPN software. All deposit payments to GOOSE VPN are non-refundable.

Claim a refund

To claim a refund, you must:

  1. Go to your GOOSE VPN client area and request an immediate service cancellation.
  2. Open a new billing support ticket and inform our billing department that you request a refund.
  3. You must provide a screenshot of the payment at your bank, as well as the email address used when you created the account, or invoice number referring to payment to our billing department.

Your refund will be processed within 10 working days. Please note that refund requests communicated to a GOOSE VPN staff member in a manner other than the above may not be processed in a timely manner.

Refunds via Apple App Store

If you have paid for your subscription via the App Store, you must submit your request to Apple. We do not have control over the payment system from Apple. You can request a refund via iTunes by following the steps as shown here.

Refunds via External website’s

If you have purchased an offer from an external website where you did not make the payment via the GOOSE VPN website, there may be other conditions for a refund. This can vary per offer at the external website.  If this is the case, we kindly ask you to contact our support team.

Cancellations via Apple App Store

If you have paid in the App Store, you will also have to stop the subscription in iTunes, otherwise the extension of service may be debited via iTunes (not by us, but by Apple). Stopping the subscription within iTunes can be done by following the steps described here.

Refunds via PayPal

If you paid by PayPal subscription, don’t forget to log in to your PayPal account and cancel an automated payment profile (subscription) for GOOSE VPN. Otherwise your PayPal account might be charged for the service renewal (not by us, but by PayPal).