Absolutely safe on the internet with the best VPN service

Using a VPN-connection is the safest way to exchange information via the internet. With a VPN (What is a VPN?) it is possible to send and receive confidential information without the risk of hacking. In addition, your IP address remains unknown. VPN-services are offered by many providers. Read further about the advantages of a VPN-connection and what requirements the best VPN service needs to meet.

Data encryption: make life difficult for hackers

VPN-software encrypts the data you send over the internet. A VPN-connection occurs via existing internet lines. Your data is encrypted in a secret way, so others are unable to read it. This means that a hacker who ‘taps’ your internet connection can’t do anything with the encrypted data. Good VPN-software uses strong 256-bit encryption, which is almost impossible to decipher. If you often use public WiFi networks, you are most vulnerable to hacking. Public WiFi networks are usually poorly secured and an easy prey for online criminals. With a VPN-connection you can safely send sensitive information via a public wireless network.

Your IP address remains unknown

Other internet users know who you are based on your IP address or internet address. There is usually no privacy on the internet. Providers, government agencies and websites can all keep data about your surfing behaviour. Google and Facebook gracefully make use of this, to constantly bother you with personalised advertisements. Using the internet anonymously has a lot of advantages. With a VPN-connection your privacy on the web is guaranteed. Only the IP address of the VPN server is known.

Full access to all websites

With a VPN connection you can view all content of foreign websites. Normally this is not possible from your own country. For example, if you connect to an English VPN server, you can see the complete content of English websites. This way you can order product cheaper via a foreign webshop. A VPN connection is also indispensable in countries where the government imposes restrictions on internet use. For example, if you want to go on YouTube when you are in China, this is only possible when using a VPN connection.

A good VPN service is indispensable

Many providers offer a VPN service, sometimes even for free. However, a good VPN service needs to meet a number of requirements:

  • VPN connections must be fast enough. The VPN software always connects with a VPN server. The VPN provider must therefore have an extensive network of VPN servers in many different countries. The larger the network, the larger the available bandwidth. In turn, this bandwidth determines the speed of the VPN connection. It is not pleasant if you have to wait for minutes to connect with a website, even if you fly over the internet safely and anonymously.
  • You must be able to install and use the VPN software easily. Setting up a VPN connection should not be difficult. Furthermore, you should be able to apply the software to all common operating systems and mobile devices.
  • The VPN subscription must be affordable.

Find the best VPN service

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