How to use Wi-Fi in your hotel in a safe way?
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How to use Wi-Fi in your hotel in a safe way?

Today, there is no hotel left that does not offer free Wi-Fi to its customers. It is standard now because tourists select their hotel faster based on the availability of Wi-Fi than that of a complimentary breakfast. And although free Wi-Fi is a nice luxury when you travel, you must be careful that your holiday does not turn into a nightmare.

How safe is the Wi-Fi in hotels?

Internet connections in a hotel are protected at best by a single password to which all the guests have access to. It makes for fairly easy network access by everyone. Also by hackers. Hotels are almost always packed and so there are always a lot of people at the hotel who possibly try to steal personal information. With the few security methods hotels apply to their Wi-Fi networks, it can be said that the use of Wi-Fi in hotels is very unsafe. The public Internet connection ensure that everyone can check your activity on the Internet and that all data is up for grabs. You don’t even need to be an internet freak to have access to someone’s data. Simple programs like Wireshark give the smallest child the chance to run off with your data. Actually, this applies equally to all public venues offering free Wi-Fi. Also read: This experiment shows how dangerous it is to use public Wi-Fi.

How can I protect myself from hackers?

Given the virtually non-existent security measures on a public network in a hotel it is better to take measures on your own initiative before you use the Wi-Fi. With a simple, user-friendly method called VPN or Virtual Private Network, you can establish a secure Internet connection to the existing Wi-Fi network.

You connection is being established through a server of the private network so your internet activity remains anonymous with respect to the other users of the network. That way you can safely take advantage of the free Wi-Fi that the hotel makes available to its guests without having to fear that someone steaks your payment details or personal information. Also read: Safe and anonymous surfing on a public Wi-Fi network with a VPN.


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