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Adblockers and VPN: Never getting annoyed again by advertisements on websites

Do those annoying ads on the internet drive you crazy? The annoying pop-up ads that suddenly take you away from the page you were reading. Unexpectedly moving advertisements on a large part of your screen. Noises and sales pitches you are not waiting for. But wait, now there is a solution! It’s a smart combination of a so-called Adblocker and a Virtual Private Network.

Adblockers keep ads off

An Adblocker is a computer program or an app on your computer, tablet or smartphone. This causes a blockade where ads can’t pass.

The benefits of this are:

  • Faster and more comfortable browsing over the internet. This is because you do not lose time looking at all kinds of annoying ads.
  • Less data usage. This is especially important when you’re on the go and surfing a mobile network (3G or 4G). Without ads, you can last longer with your data bundle. Perhaps you can even take a smaller data bundle and save you that money.
  • Better protection in regards to your privacy and personal information. Many websites store information about your behaviour on the Internet through cookies. This way they learn a lot about your interests. This will allow you to see ads that fit your interests. The software against unwanted advertisement also shows you these cookies.
  • Protects against damage to your computer. Some ads contain viruses and so-called malware; programs that can disable your computer. Adblock programs can stop this.

Disadvantages of an Adblocker and the Advantages of Advertising

However, there are also disadvantages to the blockade of advertising:

  • Websites are often dependent on ads for their income.
  • The ads on the web provide free access to many websites. If the ads can no longer be displayed, other sorces of revenue have to be used by the website.
  • If this does not work, you may need to stop a website and you can’t visit it anymore.

For these reasons, alternative advertising forms, such as advertorials and “acceptable” ads, are increasing. Advertorials are advertising texts with a journalistic touch. Besides “acceptable” ads meet certain requirements, such as size, placement and visual design. This causes them less irritation. It may be that websites will be locked or won’t work well for visitors with AdBlocker. The website which won’t work that good, can be solved by accepting them in your Adblocker application.

Combine AdBlockers with a Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provides security between your computer, tablet or smartphone and everything you do on the Internet. Your communication will be encrypted, which means that your data is not read by unwanted invaders. It provides you with a high-speed internet connection, allowing you to see your favourite series and programs on all your devices. You can stream high resolution images without any hassle or interruption. And finally, a Virtual Private Network provides anonymity. It makes you less identifiable. This is done by changing the so-called IP address and location of your device. Besides hiding your location, it also makes it very difficult for you to gather information about you. GOOSE VPN is the first Dutch provider of the services described.

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