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Everyone who want’s privacy on the internet and doesn’t want third parties to spy on their important data, often makes use of a Virtual Private Network. By using a VPN-server there won’t be anything visible to third parties. Even your location won’t be visible to everyone else. There are many different VPN-providers, some of these providers offer the services for free. Research has shown that this VPN servers by no means guarantee online privacy.

Malware and spyware

Research was conducted with 300 free Android VPN servers, available via Google Play Store. Investigation showed that these apps don’t protect your identity. The servers unnecessarily asked for access for example to photos and social media. These servers used malware, spyware and JavaScript to track your data and to place ads. And these free Virtual Private Network providers sell  your data to make money.

Not even Encryption

The encrypted data, also called encryption, is one of the characteristics of a VPN service. Research showed that almost 20% don’t even use encryption, 16% uses injected codes for ads and over 30% of the free VPN services turned out as previously reported malware, spyware or both.

Lack of privacy

The detected defects will not immediately say that each user is not unsafe or had worked unsafe. It is not by definition that data from the users is on the streets. The lack of privacy isn’t immediately dangerous, but it’s one of the main reasons people choose such service as they go online. The conclusion of this research is that the free VPN services rarely comply to the expectations.

No distinctive character

The problem is that Google still fails to distinguish good and reliable VPN’s from the unreliable ones. Android gives the free apps the option to lead the internet traffic, which would be a good thing if the unreliable VPN’s would be recognized. That’s why it’s wise to choose a paid server. These servers guarantee your privacy and making sure you can make anonymous use of the internet.


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