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Avoiding cookies? Use a VPN!

You have probably noticed it while surfing one of your favorite websites: an annoying popup that asks you to accept cookies. One click later you sadly discover that they were not talking about deliciously baked goods but it is just an Internet term. But what exactly are those cookies? And is it a good idea to embrace them?

Cookies: what are they really?

A cookie is actually a piece of software that is used by the owners of the website  to find out what you are really doing. Thanks to cookies, the website can not only differentiate between the users, but they also gain a wealth of information on your surfing behavior. They actually allow websites such as Facebook to watch along while surfing and often time advertising networks share this information with each other. It is obvious that not everyone really likes this. That is therefore the reason that it is legally required to ask for your permission for the use of cookies.

Why is it better to avoid cookies?

First of all, this your privacy we’re talking about here. Do advertising networks and websites really need to stick their long noses into your business? You would be surprised how much information can be passed on and traded this way. Aside from this important reason it is also so that the information that websites manage to gather thanks to cookies can cause you to empty your wallet. You have probably seen it before: you saw a nice trip being offered somewhere you and you start dreaming of cocktails under the sun. One day later you check the offer again and the price is suddenly much higher – that means there’s fewer cocktails for you to enjoy.

Now it is very well possible that the price has actually gone up but perhaps it is due to the use of cookies. After all, the website has registered that you looked at the trip several times. So you showed obvious interest in some sun, sea and beach and chances are that you would be willing to pay a higher price for it. Do you disable your cookies and look at the offer again? Then the price has suddenly reverted back to what it was before and this goes for quite a few products.

Avoiding cookies with a VPN

With a VPN you can avoid cookies without problems and book the trip of your dreams with a peace of mind. A VPN guarantees that you surf the web anonymously and for you to get all benefits that are associated with it. In addition to avoiding cookies and maintaining your privacy, it is also possible to download anonymously and there are more of these cool bonuses.

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