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Be smart and fly cheaper with GOOSE VPN

Did you know that you have missed out on good offers, because you are going online from the country you’re living? This is not only annoying, it can also be prevented! Pretend to surf from abroad with GOOSE VPN!

Your IP gives away your location

To be able to use the Internet and all available services anywhere: that is what everyone wants. Whether you are in a bus, on a holiday or simply at home on the couch, comfortably surfing and visiting your favorite websites is completely normal. But every time you make a connection, whether from your mobile phone or laptop, you are sending your IP address along to the websites that you visit. The IP address is the address of your computer – it is a unique number with which computers can identify each other. It also gives away from what country you are surfing, and based on that, it is determined whether or not you will get to see the contents of a website. This has consequences: because of this, you are missing out on certain deals!

Changing the search results and fly cheaper

For example, if you want to book a nice flight (for that nice trip to Curacao, Thailand or Madagascar that you have earned), you of course search online for the best offers. Everyone knows the price comparison sites, you can search for hours to find the cheapest provider. But have you been taking into account the fact that the best offer maybe can not be found from the Netherlands? No matter where or how often you look, every time again you are sending along your IP address and therefore the country where you are currently residing. If this wasn’t the case, you would get to see completely different search results. For example, take a trip from Amsterdam to Thailand. If you could determine from what country you could carry out your search, you would be able to book a much cheaper trip. If you book this trip from Norway, you will suddenly end up paying a couple of hundred euros fewer, then if you were to book it from the Netherlands. And this is all due to the IP address that your computer is sending along.

Surfing from a far away place

It’s actually strange that offers for the same trip vary so much per country, and that certain search results can not be gotten due to the IP address that you are using. And that’s not necessary! With GOOSE VPN you will always have various IP addresses, and you can quickly and safely switch between them. It will be like you are no longer surfing from the Netherlands, but rather from any  other country. You will no longer miss out on attractive deals and you can use the Internet in the same secure manner and just as quickly asa always. GOOSE Internet is strongly secured, and can be used on all of your various devices. Choose GOOSE VPN and book that wonderful dream trip. Click here to register or try GOOSE VPN 30 days for free.

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