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Every Internet connection receives its own IP address. This makes you recognizable for outsiders. This is not a problem in itself. However, if you want to buy something online and you first make a round to compare prices, then it becomes a different story. This also applies when you regularly order from a web store by the way – you are recognizable and this may not be advantageous to you.

Shop cheaper

What is often used as an example, is clothing and shoes. You want to buy something nice and you look at various providers. If you request information without buying, so you can also look at others, you think you have a target price. However it often happens when you decide to do business with the first provider, that they are asking for a higher price the second time. For example because the discount does not apply anymore. This is due to the IP address, your IP address is recognized. Can you prevent this? Certainly! Those who like to remain unknown or in any case like to shop as cheaply as possible, will be wise to consider a new IP address. This is easier than you would initially expect.

“Due a bad experience I was not a big fan of internet banking anymore and I rather use a VPN service nowadays. Thanks to GOOSE's protection I feel safe online again.”

- Petra

Changing IP address

By hiding the IP address or by regularly changing it, the recognizability is strongly reduced or even completely avoided. This can be done with a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Those who are often on the road and want to make use of the laptop anywhere, will opt for a VPN. Because with it you will have access to the private network anywhere you are. An outsider can not hitchhike, because you will receive a different IP address, making you a new connection to them. This way, the private network is secured and you can make use of your new identity. In case of clothes or shoes, you will practically visit the same website a second time, but seeing as you are a new user, you will not be recognized and so you will get a favorable offer. This can save you heaps. It pays off to regularly change the IP address. Now, the question is, how do I do this?

GOOSE VPN makes it possible!

Of course there are people who know exactly what you should do to give the computer a new IP address. For the average user, this isn’t so easy. You can read that on forums, too. It seems so simple, but in reality it is rather challenging. So you have to look for a different way, because what you can read is that it is possible to save on streaming services, software programs, car rental and so forth. GOOSE VPN provides a solution, for which you pay a small fee per month – not even 3 euros – for a subscription that ensures that the IP address regularly changes. Click here to register for GOOSE VPN and try GOOSE VPN 30 days for free.

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"In everything Goose VPN radiates: This is made for everyone. Also for the regular user without technical knowledge."

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“Sometimes I need to access to foreign websites for my education, which were blocked most of the times. Thanks to GOOSE I can access all websites.”

- Rens

“I read about the dangers of public wifi in the media. GOOSE is an easy way to be safe online everywhere on public wifi.”

- Jack

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