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What is a Virtual Private Network?

You keep hearing more and more about it: the Virtual Private Network (in short: VPN). Increasingly more people start making use of this network, but of course not everyone knows exactly what a Virtual Private Network is. Are you also not sure about this network, but you’d like to find out? Read more about the Virtual Private Network or VPN in this article.

A VPN: an extra secure network for Internet usage

A Virtual Private Network is a secured network that you can use for accessing the Internet. You can use the network for emailing, surfing the Internet, chatting online, downloading content and so forth. In fact this involves an extra secure tunnel, that is established between your device and the Internet. This means that your connection is twice as secure, so that hackers and other cyber criminals can not access it so easily. The result: Internet usage is safer, without needing to worry about getting your data stolen.

The advantages of a Virtual Private Network

More and more people are purchasing a Virtual Private Network and that should say something. If you opt for the use of this network, you will profit off of various advantages. The first advantage of a secured network is that your personal details and payment details can not be stolen just like that. Especially when you make use of a public WiFi network such as the network at the station, the airport or at school, you will risk that your connection becomes subject to hackes. This may mean that your passwords are stolen and your emails are read, and furthermore your payment details may end up in the hands of criminals. If you would like to prevent this, then you can use the extra secure Virtual Private Network. Read also: Why use a VPN service?

Another advantage of the network is the fact that the network can circumvent geographical blocks. Do you want to watch the new season of your favorite series on Netflix, but the season is only online in America? Then you can use your Virtual Private Network to circumvent this so-called geographical block. You change your IP address to an American IP address and you will simply watch the newest season of your series.

Finally, you can use the network to use the Internet anonymously. While your current IP address now gives all kinds of information to businesses and firms about you as an Internet user, this will not be the case with a Virtual Private Network. This is interesting for everyone who wants to protect their privacy, but especially for people who regularly upload and download content and do not want to risk a fine. If you use a Virtual Private Network, Stichting Brein can not go after you just like that and give you a fine of thousands of euros.

GOOSE VPN: a Virtual Private Network for 2.99 euro per month

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