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DDoS-attacks, also a risk for the consumer

Lately there have been some notable DDoS-attacks and digital attacks on some large companies, but did you know these can also affect you? That’s why it’s also important for you to protect against these attacks. In this article we will discuss exactly how to get protected.

What is a DDoS-attack?

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Services. This means that the attack takes place from different computers. These computers together will be able to get a network, website or internet server no longer accessible. This is also known as a ‘botnet’, with one touch on the button a botnet can send large amounts of data from different locations.

How will a cyber-attack take place?

If such a cyber-attack takes place, massive amounts of data packets will be send to a server or a computer. This happens until the server can’t take any more and becomes unreachable. The cyber-attack can be done, for example, by sending a big load of emails to the server of a company or the Government, making their network unusable. The principle is designed to send as much data as possible to an organization to cause as much damage as possible.

Why a cyber-attack?

For the cybercriminal there is no direct benefit in such of a cyber-attack. It will rather cost the cybercriminal money to overload the server. The data packets can be purchased for just a couple of dollars on the internet. Some cybercriminals do it just for the kick, however it can also serve as a distraction to bank or Government data. What also happens is that the cybercriminals connect consumers after an attack at a bank. They occur as a bank employee and tries to get the bank details of the consumer. In this way they can get money out of the cyber-attack.

Arms race between cybercriminals and agencies

It is very easy for cybercriminals to buy data packets. Malware, phishing emails and viruses are already available on the internet. This makes it very easy to commit a cyberattack on organizations. Banks do their best to counter it, but it remains an arms race. A cybercriminal makes the first move and the organization has to tackle this problem. It is therefore an illusion to imagine that 100 percent safety exist.

How you can limit the damage of a cyber-attack?

There are several ways to protect yourself the best against cyber-attacks. It is possible to install special software that avoid these attacks such as Fortinet, Arbor Networks or Riorey DefensePro. You can also use a good firewall as Next Generation Firewall. But it is also important to keep an eye on network traffic. When a cyberattack takes place you will see a lot of packets with virtually identical characteristics. The best solution is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), for example GOOSE VPN. By using a Virtual Private Network, the IP of your own network is not revealed on the internet. Cybercriminals won’t see your network and will not be able to attack your network.

Make use of GOOSE VPN

There are several Virtual Private Network providers on the internet. However, it is important to choose a reliable provider. Some providers are aware of your surfing habits. GOOSE VPN is not aware of your surfing habits, because we use a no-log policy. We have no access to your information and your anonymity is guaranteed.

You can use some Virtual Private Network providers for free, but in return they want your information to sell it to other companies. This is how these providers make money, by using your data. For a reliable Virtual Private Network provider, it’s best to use GOOSE VPN.

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