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Free VPN Hola is insecure

Who hasn’t even used a free browser extension to view certain content on the Internet? For example, many Netflix fans use the free Hola service to view the American offer. But now it has come to light that Hola resells your internet connection to other users. Someone who does something illegal can do this through your connection, which makes you seem to be the guilty one.

How does free VPN Hola work?

Hola is a free browser extension that offers a VPN or a Virtual Private Network (What is a VPN?) which allows you to surf under a different IP address. If that IP address comes from, for example, the United States, this allows you to view content that can normally only be viewed in the US. Of course, a free service like Hola has to make money with something and that’s why they have a second paying service: Luminati. However, it has now been leaked that their offer for this service comes from the connections of the free Hola users. For example, if someone starts using your connection and starts illegal activities such as uploading illegal torrents or viewing child pornography, all traces will lead to your computer.

What is the alternative to the free VPN?

Do you now have to give up your American offerings on Netflix? No, because there is an alternative. You can choose to use a paid VPN service that is more reliable. You can find this today for a low monthly fee and you also enjoy many advantages compared to a free Virtual Private Network. For example, the speed of your connection will be a lot higher and your connection will be encrypted so that other users cannot access your data.

After all, paying services to invest part of their revenue in improving bandwidth. Even if you have a problem with your connection, you can count on technical support. With free services, you will not be able to count on this because these people must of course also be paid.

Introducing GOOSE VPN

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