Hacked! Watch out with public WiFi!
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Hacked! Watch out with public WiFi!

Public WiFi networks have become wildly popular in recent years: shops and restaurants proudly advertise with it, the bus is nowadays an ideal place to check Facebook and using the Internet has become a true social gathering. But is it really that safe?

The danger of the ease of public WiFi

Chances are that you have logged into a public WiFi network in the past week with a thankful smile on your face. After all, you go through your MBs way too quickly and your frappucino Insta posts have to be uploaded. Unfortunately you are not the only one making use of this – public WiFi networks and hotspots often fall victim to hackers due their easy access. A hotspot works similarly to a radio; the data is transmitted to all potential receivers, with no regard to who is connected to the network. Thus, data traffic can be monitored and even adjusted! Unencrypted networks are very vulnerable to this, however the encrypted network of your hotel may not be completely secure either.

Is this hotspot what you think it is?

The danger not only lurks in public WiFi networks of shops or businesses. Anyone can create a hotspot in just a few simple steps, and give it any name they want. The ‘Carlo’s Bakery Free WiFi’ could in reality be coming from a laptop of a seemingly decent person at the corner of the restaurant, who has installed everything in such a way that, at first glance, you will not notice a difference from the actual network.

Especially when you use a public network for Internet banking or checking your email, you are a big target for hackers. Even when you are on social media you are susceptible: hackers can take over your session and look into your personal details. The consequences could be huge.

More than security

GOOSE VPN offers you the Internet security that you deserve. GOOSE leads your data traffic records through a strongly secured tunnel, even when you are using a public network. Your data is encrypted and protected, so that you can safely make use of a public WiFi and will not need to worry about hackers that steal your passwords and look into your data traffic records. In addition to security, GOOSE VPN offers many other advantages!

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