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Important factors when choosing a VPN service

The government increasingly hampers the streaming of your favourite series, but everyone knows how addictive series can be. In any case, it’s a good idea to anonymously surf the web, so you can’t be traced and can carelessly watch whatever you like. Even when you’re abroad and some sites are blocked, a VPN will easily bypass all blocking measures. But what should you take in consideration while choosing a VPN service?

Should I pay for a VPN service?

Streaming seems free, but of course it isn’t like that because of its illegal character. Hola, the well-known internet extension, is free, but in the end you still seem to pay the price for it: the service isn’t secure at all. Paying for a secure connection is therefore the most obvious and smart choice. If you still doubt about a certain provider, you can opt try out for free, just like you can try out GOOSE VPN for 30 days.

Will I be able to maintain my speed?

Nothing so annoying as a stumping stream. With a VPN service, your internet connection runs through a proxy server (often in a different country), which can cause some delay. This is a problem most free VPN providers suffer from. Paid VPN services on the other hand are usually reliable and fast.

Do VPN providers keep any logs?

A VPN service may keep track of your usage in a so called log file. This means that they store your IP address, most of the time because it is mandatory in the country where the server is located. Whether the log file is kept for 24 months or even months differs between companies.

No logs are preferred, because keeping logs also entails that the authorities can easily track your behaviour and identity on the internet. Fortunately, GOOSE VPN does not keep any logs.

Even though the police won’t come knocking on your door, it is best that you make sure your logs aren’t stored. Most paid VPN provider allow you to surf the web log-free. This is often mentioned on their site in giant letters because many consumers see it as one of the most important advantages of a VPN service.

Are there any limitations which should be considered while choosing a VPN service?

Bandwidth. The use of a VPN service is not unlimited. Therefore, it is important to find out how much bandwidth you will receive each month from your provider, so you know what you are paying for.

  • The number of devices. A laptop, iPad or mobile phone. Many VPN providers enable you to use their service on multiple devices, but pay attention and try to find out if you can do so simultaneously. At GOOSE VPN, you can use all your devices at the same time with just one account.
  • Compatibility. VPN apps aren’t always developed for all types of phones. Windows Phones for example are often left in the dark. GOOSE VPN is available for Windows, Mac (OS X), iOS and Android.

Which VPN service is best suited for me?

If you want to be safe online and don’t want to be bound to any limitations, GOOSE VPN might be the solution. This is the most easy-to-use VPN service, which can installed quickly and allows you to securely and anonymously browse the internet. Click here to register with GOOSE with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


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