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Interview GOOSE VPN with Joeri van de Watering Co-Founder & CEO – Anonymster

Joeri van de Watering is a young entrepreneur and founder at GOOSE VPN. The company is based in the Netherlands, and it offers a service pretty unique in the VPN market.

As Joeri explains in his interview, GOOSE VPN has a different approach to Internet security. Its primary objective is not merely to provide a secure connection but to make the use of a VPN connection so easy that even non-tech people can enjoy it without any problem of a sort.

But let’s see what thoughts Joeri van de Watering has shared with Anonymster.

Can you tell us about yourself and what you do at GOOSE VPN?

My name is Joeri van de Watering, 26 years old, entrepreneur and co-founder of GOOSE VPN. I’m the CEO of GOOSE VPN and responsible for managing the organization from A to Z.

Why did you decide to start GOOSE VPN?

In the Netherlands, more and more people are aware of the fact that public WiFi isn’t safe and the media pays a lot of attention to it and advice people to use a VPN. Even the Dutch government advice everyone to use a VPN.

When I searched for VPN providers, I noticed there were no real Dutch VPN providers. Therewith, most of the VPN providers focus on more technical users, they have a technical explanation and specifications which say nothing to a regular internet user.  Let’s take my parents as an example. They didn’t understand most of the websites of VPN providers, they didn’t understand the software and the support were hard because of the technical view and because it was offered only in English.

The awareness in the Netherlands about unsafe public wifi grows rapidly, therefore we thought starting-up a Dutch VPN provider would be good, focusing on non-technical users with easy software and our most important USP; friendly and good, Dutch and English speaking support.

What makes GOOSE VPN different than others VPN providers?

As mentioned in the previous question, we focus on the non-technical user. We offer a user-friendly website with easy explanation and non-technical information, tips how and where to use a VPN. Therewith we have the easy software. We don’t want to be an anonymous VPN company, we are real people that, together with their customers, want to become the best VPN provider. We listen to our customers and take them very seriously. We grow rapidly and we need the feedback from our customers to improve GOOSE VPN.

The fact that we are a Dutch based company differs us from other VPN providers. We are the only VPN provider which offers support in Dutch, English, and German. We don’t want to be an anonymous and vague VPN company, but rather a personal and friendly company that provides secure and unlimited internet for everyone, everywhere.

Does GOOSE VPN perform well in a country with active censorship like China, Turkey or Iran?

We do perform well in countries like Turkey or Iran. Some personal friends of my went to China last period. In 50% of the time, GOOSE worked fine, even in Tibet. But, the other times, GOOSE was blocked by the Great Firewall. We, therefore, made some improvements and added new protocols which we’ve planned to launch within a few days. We are continuously working on improving GOOSE, for countries with active censorship like China, Turkey, and Iran, but also every other country in the world.

Do you allow P2P on your servers?

Yes, we do allow P2P. Not on all our servers, but we have many servers were P2P is allowed. Servers were P2P is allowed are labeled with P2P (download).

Do you support Netflix on your network?

Yes, we always offer a few servers for countries where Netflix is supported. This is monitored daily. If servers are blocked, we try to replace them the same day. We are always open for feedback, if there is demand for specific servers in countries, we try to add them asap.

Do you keep log data of your users?

No, we have a clear 100% no-log policy.

What is your most important advice to VPN user?

We do our very best to let GOOSE VPN work for everyone on every device. Unfortunately, there can be local problems. Don’t cancel your account directly, but contact our support so we can help you and improve our product and service

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