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Netflix over VPN; explained step by step

Netflix is one of the most popular programs to watch movies and series for a monthly payment. However, it is a program that does not have the same range of films and series in every country. Films and series that have only recently been released in America will not immediately be available in countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium.

Yet there is hope for Netflix fans who not want to be inferior to their American fellow interested parties. Thanks to a secure, anonymous connection to a VPN server, it is possible to view the range available in America. That way you no longer have to wait for your favorite film to be released in your own country. Always stay one step ahead of your friends and others.

The advantage of a VPN connection

A VPN connection uses  another IP address</ a>. As a user of the Internet, you can therefore use the possibility to visit websites that are not (or only partially) visible in your own country. Netflix is one of the most popular programs that people use. People often watch via a VPN connection, precisely because the offer differs so much from country to country. A VPN connection makes you anonymous as an internet user and therefore completely protected against tracing by government agencies or other third parties.

How can you use a VPN connection to get more out of Netflix? The wide range of series and films is reason enough for many people to enter into a VPN connection. With a VPN you can bypass the so-called geo-blocks. How exactly you set up such a connection and what it entails are matters that undoubtedly deserve a little more explanation.

Watch Netflix via a VPN connection, in steps

Setting up a VPN connection is simple, but it is always useful to have a clear step-by-step plan on the basis of which you can make the connection. That way you will be connected to a fast VPN server in no time and you can quickly enjoy your favorite programs and movies.

1. Take out a VPN subscription

First and foremost, of course, you need a VPN subscription. GOOSE VPN is one of the best VPN providers and offers a reliable, fast connection to servers in different countries. You can always try the service for free for a month, after which you can still decide whether to continue with it.

When registering, you can enter the discount code PRIVACY, which gives you a 30% discount if you seem to like the service and want to extend your subscription. Then click on the red button. This will take you to the website of the VPN provider, where you can select the language. Click the green button to request a free trial month.

Enter your personal details (including name, password and email address). If you intend to watch Netflix, it is best to opt for an Unlimited package, which costs about 7 euros per month, or slightly less than 6 euros per month if you opt for an annual subscription. There is no limit on the data used with the Unlimited package. This is therefore the best option if you want to watch Netflix. After all, streaming movies takes up a lot of data. However, the first month is always free, whichever plan you choose.

Finally, it is just a matter of choosing a payment method and completing the registration. Here you also pay a one-time fee of 0.45 euros for the verification of your data. However, you will simply get this back if you want to cancel a subscription after the free trial month. So no strings attached, and that convinces many people to give it a try!

2. Install the VPN app

At that moment you are registered with the VPN provider, and you can log in to the website with your personal email address and specified password. This will give you access to the dashboard, where you can select your preferred operating system and download the app for the VPN connection. You can also use the VPN on multiple devices – for example a tablet, your smartphone and your desktop.

VPN Netflix

3. Start the VPN connection

Once you have downloaded the VPN app, you can use it

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