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The new internet rules in the United States

Bad news for everyone living in the United States and who wants to protected their privacy online. Internet service providers will be able to sell your personal information based on which sites you’ve been visiting and every App they are using. But what are the consequences of this new internet rules ?

Big decision, big impact

The new internet rules are a big issue, since your personal information can end up in the wrong hands. In short you as an American has no idea where your information is going to end up. For example: let’s say you’re having an health issue and you are visiting some websites with information concerning your medical problem. Your health insurerance can use this data to decide whether or not to provide you with insurance. Another risk is that all your data can end up on a website free for everyone to see. So we can say that these new internet rules will have quiet an impact.

Travellers to America

When you’re planning to visit America and you’re planning to use the internet, your data can end up being sold as well. You’re using American providers anyway. Unfortunately foreigners are no exaptation to this new law.

What can you do?

Facebook and Google are already collection data. In order to prevent this from happening, make sure that you always log out when you’re finished with one of these services. Unfortunately this is a little bit harder with your internet provider. The best way to stay secure online is to use a vpn. Your data is always encrypted and secure, this means no one is able to track you online activity. You don’t need technical knowhow in order to use GOOSE VPN. You just simply install the App and you are ready to go.

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