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Prohibition in Turkey does not apply with GOOSE VPN is one of the most successful businesses in the Netherlands. They have been bought out by Priceline not so long ago. However they are facing tough times right now. I mean they have some problems with certain countries. These countries believe is using its immense pricing power and doesn’t obey certain rules. For those who have no clue what is and who want to know what is going on continue reading.

First things first: what is Every week people order around 2,8 million night via The site has been translated in more than 40 languages and have more than 40.000 hotels in more than 184 countries under their umbrella. has more than 5.500 employees from 100 offices worldwide. The business have been growing for a while now and shows no sign of stopping. The reason is simple if you’re booking via, you can be sure that you’re paying the lowest price possible. Unfortunately there are some parties who are not happy with

The prohibition in Turkey

A Turkish judge agreed to prohibit for undetermined time. The reason is simple. They believe does not help in creating a healthy competition and doesn’t abbey certain rules. had to pay fines in the order of a few 100.000. let us know that they do not accept this judgement. They say they do everything they can do in order to create a healthy competitive marketplace.

Turkey is not the only country in which is facing some tough times. In some European countries they are facing serious fines. During the beginning of this year the Dutch business administration bureau and the European Bureau said they will keep a close look at They will look whether or not have been living up to the rules they provided.

I just want to book a hotel room

It’s very sad for, but you want to just book a simple hotel room in order to rest. We understand that. When you are using GOOSE VPN the geographical blocking has no effect on you. In blocked in your country? No worries you simply select an IP-address from another country and you book your room easy as pie.

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