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Cyber security month | This is why you should update your software

The manufacturers of your devices and programs are constantly improving their products. That is why once in a while you will get a notification that you need to perform a software update. The improvements that manufacturers make to their products are implemented through these updates to you as an end user so that the product works faster and more securely and you can use new functions.

Often the message that you need to perform an update comes at an inopportune time. This causes you to repeatedly click on the ‘delay update’ button. As tempting as it is to do this, we strongly advise against it for your own online safety.

Types of software updates

There are two types of software updates. You have a functionality update and a security update.

Functionality update
A functionality update ensures that the software becomes more beautiful or works better. Think of a new addition to an app that makes it possible to log in with Apple or Google.

Security Update
A security update improves vulnerable parts of the software so that the software is safer to use.

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Why do I need to update my software?

Performing the recommended updates to your devices and programs will refresh the software of those devices and programs. If you don’t, you are using outdated software, which is very attractive to cybercriminals.

Cybercriminals use outdated software to place malicious software (malware) on your device. Through malware, criminals try to collect your personal information so that they can sell it to third parties, or pressure you into paying money.

In addition to better protecting you from cybercriminals with software updates, updates come with other benefits. You can often use cool new functions and a higher speed of the device or program.

How do you stay up-to-date?

First of all, it is wise to check whether your devices and programs are up-to-date. If not, make sure to update as soon as possible.

You can of course start the software updates yourself, but nowadays it is made even easier for you to update your devices and programs. Some manufacturers offer you the option to set up automatic updates so that the software is automatically updated at night.

If it is not possible to set up automatic updates, you can see if it is possible to receive notifications when a new update is ready. That way you are always quick!


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