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Virus? Go for VPN security!

Online safety is more important than ever! This in a world in which we keep moving more and more towards the internet. The main threats to this safety? Spyware, malware, a computer virus and so on. Names that you will surely hear all the time, but what do you actually know about them and how can you protect yourself against it? Time for an investigation!

The computer virus

A computer virus is nothing new. In fact, the first viruses saw the light of day from the introduction of the computer itself. Their goals? That can actually be just about anything. From stealing personal information from the victims to damaging your computer or laptop for fun. While some viruses can be removed from your system by a simple reset, others are much more persistent. The virus itself is essentially a code or script that can replicate itself and squeeze through your entire network. Important to know is that a virus can replicate itself, but can not put itself into operation. That is the reason why a computer virus often comes as an attachment to an e-mail, document or the like. Secondly, it is also true that a virus can remain in a dormant state for a long time before it is activated.

A piece of malware

A computer virus is one of the manifestations of malware, which is a collective term for software that has been developed with malicious intentions. Malware is a general term you will probably already have heard from and can cause a lot of problems with your computer or laptop.


Ransomware is a form of malware. This malicious software infects your computer and actually takes the files on the computer or laptop into hostage. The result? You can no longer use your own files as a user and of course the program requires the payment of a sum of money to release those files. This type of computer virus spreads like all other viruses because people accidentally open an infected file. That program is fixed on the operating system of the computer with all its consequences. Often, the program also presents itself as coming from a government agency or organization such as the police.


Spyware is a form of malware that is specifically used by hackers to steal information about people from your computer. The program is installed on your computer without you knowing it and collects all the information it can about your internet activity. Through keylogging, passwords and valuable data are scraped together, so that your online security is seriously compromised. Spyware also often has a negative effect on the performance of your computer or laptop and is able to install additional software. A form of spyware is adware where you get to deal with penetrating advertising and pop-ups in every occasion.

VPN bescherming tegen virussen

Are you really safe?

Most people are of the opinion that they are completely safe from malware, spyware, adware and viruses. The truth is different: most antivirus software only ensures the security of the files on your computer. Are you connected to the internet? Then the software does virtually nothing to secure your information in a proper way. Fortunately, there is indeed a way to adequately protect yourself. The VPN protection against viruses.

VPN protection against viruses

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and the VPN virus protection is the safest and best option you can find on the market. VPN security works because it offers security in a completely different way than a firewall or antivirus software would. In essence, all data that reaches or leaves your computer is encrypted. From having access to a VPN network on a browser, your connection to the Internet is therefore completely secure. This ensures that you can stay safe and anonymous and that viruses and malware do not get a chance to access your hardware.

Make a smart choice

VPN security does not only stop malware that can damage your hardware, but also hackers and the monitoring of various agencies. The Virtual Private Network protection against viruses does not have to be expensive. If you opt for GOOSE VPN, you opt for a provider with a Dutch helpdesk and with user-friendly VPN software.

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