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Voice technology and VPN: blessing or curse?

Not so long ago the entire concept of voice technology was something only authors of better science-fiction could fantasize about. But this science-fiction has actually become reality. What you have probably never thought about: voice technology is, just like any form of progress, an evolution that also brings about the necessary risks together with the benefits.

The benefits of voice technology

The first advantage of the use of something like voice technology speaks for itself: it is a quicker and more natural way of communication for us. Rather than spending hours learning how exactly you can work with a new operating system, you can simply ask questions. A solution that may not only be of value to you, it may mean even more to older family members.

With the improvement of voice technology it will be possible in the future, and in some cases it is  already possible, to give orders to computers or other devices. It is certainly worth it to consider the huge implications of this evolution. Quite a few barriers that are still protecting the digital world of part of the public of today are falling away.

Everyone can become a part of the entire digital conversation but it goes further than that. Voice technology is not only about additional ease of use for the current users of computers, but it also allows one to tap into an entirely new audience. Just think of people with a visual or physical limitation. While computers used to be a utopia for a large part of this public, it is now coming much closer.

The dangers of voice technology

Unfortunately this evolution also comes with disadvantages. After all, voice technology requires devices that can listen and record anything you say. And that brings about risks. No one really knows how much of the information that you request is stored, when it happens and for how long.

Therefore it is no secret that quite a few web services are always working on collecting information on who you are and what you do. Google and Facebook are two prominent examples of this but voice technology takes this to a whole new level. It allows companies to possess a very personal part of your identity: your voice. Does this mean that you need to be afraid of hackers who can empty your accounts with your voice? No, for something like that, quite a few technological improvements have to be made. What it means is that legitimate questions can be asked concerning privacy in voice technology. Questions need to be asked concerning how secure the monitoring of all that data is by those companies in question.

Voice technology and VPN

Voice technology is opening a new world for us, full of dangers and opportunities. But it is an existing technology that can offer you the best protection and make your digital life your business alone. A VPN is a way to encrypt all data that is sent from your device. What does this mean? You will never need to worry again about third parties getting their hands on your personal information; you hold the key to your own digital life. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable VPN for which you really don’t have to be an expert to be able to use, GOOSE is what you need.

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