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VPN: a guide for beginners

When people hear the term VPN they often think that this is a technically difficult feat on the internet for which a lot of knowledge is required, only reserved for the computer freaks. But nothing is less true. The use of a Virtual Private Network is a technique that is made for everyone, and better yet… it is extremely convenient for everyone. In this guide we will briefly explain to you what a VPN is and why it can be useful for you.

Definition: What is VPN?

A Virtual Private Network is simply said a private network within a larger network between two computers. Usually this is an encrypted network between two different networks through the Internet. Examples include the home network you use or the company network at work.

What is the advantage of this type of network?

In one word: security. This private network ensures your online security and protect your privacy on the Internet. Is it at risk? Yes. Every time you use a public network (think of all that free Wi-Fi in public places) you run the risk of your personal information being stolen. Someone who has access to the same network can ‘check’ your connection. By making use of a Virtual Private Network your internet connection is shielded from all other users on the same public network. You are basically invisible to the rest.

In which ways can I practically use a Virtual Private Network?

The main reason to use a Virtual Private Network is to protect your personal information. Especially if you often go online using free Wi-Fi on public, unsecured networks.

Just imagine that you just made an online payment on such an unsecured network.
Also, this private network has the advantage that you get a temporary IP address which makes you “anonymous” and not location-specific. So you can, for example surf in the Netherlands through a server in the UK if needed. This has its advantages when certain websites and content have geographical restrictions. Perhaps a particular video or game is not downloadable in the Netherlands yet, but it is the UK? Read also: The many advantages of a VPN.


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