Waarom je GOOSE VPN als student of als je op kantoor werkt moet gebruiken
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Why you should use a VPN if you are a student or office worker

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is, by definition, a private network extending over a public network. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) assigns a randomized IP address to the user, helping protect the user’s online privacy as well as helping the user bypass any geographical restrictions that may be imposed the by user’s Internet Service Provider. If you use a VPN, you can enjoy many benefits next to the protection it gives you.


A goose is the best security guard one can have. Uninvited visitors are greeted with loud gaggling and the goose will never allow others to access your premises. A goose is clever, social, watchful and very loyal. GOOSE is a VPN built to protect you and keep you safe online. GOOSE VPN creates a secure tunnel between your device and everything you do online, making sure you can browse the internet fully protected without any fear and with absolute freedom.

Benefits when you use a VPN

Using a VPN can have many benefits. For example, if you are a student or an office worker, perhaps working over the shared public WiFi (Wi-Fi) network, a service such as GOOSE VPN can prove to be helpful. For example, it is common for employers or school administrators to block access to certain websites. Social media sites such as Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter are commonly blocked in networks, and this undoubtedly can be a huge source of frustration!

With GOOSE, you will be able to unblock these sites and bypass any restrictions placed upon you. At last, you can reclaim YOUR freedom that you deserve when browsing the Internet! With a randomized IP address and encryption between you and the GOOSE servers, your boss or school administrator need not know about how much time you are spending online and which resources you are using or websites you like to visit. Ultimately, this allows you to have your own privacy, even within the workplace.

Such benefits easily translate to any user having to make use of a public Wifi (Wi-Fi) network. Public networks can be easily cracked and your personal information, if sent unencrypted, can be tracked by any individual with even a modicum of hacking knowledge. Be it when you’re traveling, visiting the local coffee shop or pub, or even using the internet connection at your local library to do research, the privacy of your data is essential! Hence, for such applications, keep GOOSE in mind, because it may prove to be the missing link you need to protect your privacy online!

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