Full access to websites with a web VPN

You probably get annoyed that you don’t get full access to foreign websites. If you would like to watch the very extensive American offer from Netflix online, there is in the Netherlands for the effort. In Germany you only a limited choice of YouTube videos. In some countries, you are even denied access to social media sites by the government. However, you can easily bypass this. If you use VPN connection to surf the web, you can access all websites from all countries. You can read more about what such a web VPN is and what advantages it offers in this article.

A VPN or Virtual Private Network

With a VPN connection, you go underground on the internet, as it were. You still use existing internet cables or WiFi networks. However, the VPN application applies a complicated data encryption method to encrypt your data traffic. The better VPN providers use a strong 256-bit encryption method so that any hackers cannot decipher your secret information. Public Wi-Fi networks are the most susceptible to hacking . Usually, these public networks are poorly secured. For cybercriminals it is a breeze to steal the PINs and passwords of these network users. Don’t give hackers a chance and always use a VPN connection to surf the web!

Protection of your private life

With a web VPN, you never make a direct connection to another website. VPN connections are always established via a special server, the VPN server. VPN service providers use VPN servers that can be located in different countries in the world. A website you visit will never know your identity. Only the internet address of the VPN server is known. Your private life is therefore protected with a VPN connection. Other internet users, your internet provider and even the government cannot monitor your surfing behaviour. This also has the advantage that you are freed from targeted advertising that all kinds of visited websites would otherwise send you.

Your whereabouts are also unknown

Neither your identity nor your whereabouts can be traced when using a VPN connection. Your IP address contains information about your location. However, if your personal IP address is not visible, no one can know where in the world you are. This has numerous advantages:

  • You can pretend to be in another country. You will therefore not be bothered by geo-restrictions that apply in a specific country. Suppose you are travelling in Turkey and the Turkish government blocks the use of social media . If you have installed VPN software on your PC or smartphone, you can quickly connect to a foreign VPN server and you can tweet and Facebook again without limits!
  • At foreign webshops you can often order certain products much cheaper than in your own country . However, from your own country, you will not see the full range of foreign webshops. This limitation is lifted with a VPN connection. Connect to a VPN server in the country where the webshop is located and enjoy all advantageous foreign offers!

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