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joeri van de watering

Being different from the rest

Hello, my name is Joeri van de Watering and I am the founder of GOOSE VPN. More than 5 years ago, a VPN solution was still something unknown and especially something very technical. Despite the fact that the risks and dangers on the internet grew and there were more and more blockages, there was still little that the average internet user could use to fully enjoy the internet again. I thought that should be different and that’s how the idea of GOOSE VPN was born.

GOOSE VPN had to stand for open and secure internet, but super simple. I always took my parents as my starting point ;). Easy to install, easy to use, 24/7 technical support and that for a fair price. Now 5 years later, more than 200.000 users worldwide have already used GOOSE VPN and I am proud of that.


Our support team is 24/7 available for all your (technical) questions.

Super simple, that's how it should be. With 1 tap you can already enjoy safe and borderless internet.

We believe that everyone has the right to have safe and borderless internet and therefore we offer a competitive price. And not just for you, but your whole family can benefit.

Yet, it is always exiting to purchase something new. We think so too, which is why you can try GOOSE VPN with our 30-day money-back-guarantee.

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Traditional Dutch

As the one and only Dutch VPN we are the only VPN in the EU. Many other VPN providers are located at in favourable places for them. But that is not why we were founded. We want to meet the strict (privacy) requirements of the EU.

We understand very well that you want to know who is behind the company through which all your data goes. After all, we are talking about your data. You don’t want that lying around on the street just like that. We are therefore transparent, personal and reliable, just as you would expect from a VPN provider.

We are simply the best choice, judge for yourself.

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core values goose vpn

Dutch sobriety

You can see that we are traditionally Dutch in everything. Our core values are therefore based on healthy Dutch standards and values. These values make us who we are, they shape our culture and even influence those who participate in our mission. Our values are in our DNA and will therefore remain the same, even as we continue to grow.

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30-day money-back-guarantee
Unlimited number of devices
24/7 technical support
More than just a VPN
100+ servers worldwide

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