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Try VPN: convince yourself of the many advantages!

We often hear that surfing the Internet is not always so secure. Despite installing good anti virus software and using a firewall, hackers can still run off with sensitive or secret information. This not only happens to large companies, governmental authorities or well known people such as politicians or movie stars, it also happens to average citizens. This includes you and me. What more can you do to protect your private data when you are online? A VPN connection offers you the solution. Continue reading what the many advantages are and how you can try a VPN.

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network, that is what we are talking about. You shouldn’t associate this with a completely separated computer network with super secured cables and servers. No, a VPN connection simply makes use of the existing Internet. What makes a VPN connection so special is the secret encryption of the data stream from and to your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Let’s say a hacker would “monitor” your Internet connection, then he would get lost in the encrypted data that he would be presented with.

How does a VPN connection work?

When you have installed suitable VPN software on your PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can establish an encrypted VPN connection with a VPN server. These VPN servers are spread across the globe. If you want to visit a certain website, the VPN server, and not your PC or tablet, will create a connection with the requested website. The visited website will only get to see the Internet address (the so-called IP address) of the VPN server. Your own IP address, with which one can find out  your identity and location, will therefore remain unknown. This has many advantages.

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The advantages of anonymous surfing

You are probably not aware of it, but all of your activities on the Internet are carefully monitored. Your Internet provider logs all IP addresses that you surf to. Facebook and Google keep an eye on the websites that you visit and what you are looking for. This explains the targeted ads that you see on your Facebook page. A breach of your privacy? What these websites are doing is fully legal. If you rather not have it that people get to find out all of this information about you, it is better to surf anonymously with the use of a VPN connection. Added advantage of a VPN connection is that your exact location is not known. So you can pretend to be in a different country. This makes it for example possible to watch the full American Netflix offer in the Netherlands, if you connect to a VPN server in the US.

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