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Watch local TV abroad

Never miss your favorite local TV shows or streamed series abroad. With GOOSE VPN, you can watch everything you want, wherever you want.


Also watch local TV outside your home country.

We all have TV programs that we like to watch every day or week, even when we are traveling abroad. But you can often not receive local television abroad. With the help of streaming services, you can now watch your program, but unfortunately, only if you stay within a specific region.

Outside this region, local streaming services will be blocked, on the basis of an IP address. With a VPN, you can access and watch your favorite local TV program abroad.


Step 1

Choose the package that suits you and download the apps from GOOSE VPN on your smartphone, computer or tablet.

Step 2

Look in the list of available servers for streaming and choose a server in the location where you want to stream from.

Step 3

Go to the website or app of your favorite streaming service and choose the movie or series you want to watch. Enjoy watching!

Look what you want on holiday

We don’t have to explain to anyone that vacation is wonderful. But sometimes you can feel a little homesick, for example: for your favorite local series or TV show. With GOOSE VPN, you can stream your favorite series on the beach during your holiday.

How does watching local TV work abroad?

Many local stations offer online streaming services where you can watch their broadcasts. Some services are free, for commercial channels you need a subscription to stream.

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What does 'this program may not be viewed from your location' mean?

When you have a subscription with your favorite service, you will see that everything is available online. But you will encounter limitations. This is usually due to broadcasting rights that online streams must adhere to. That means you can only watch most local programs and platforms within a certain region. If you also want to watch your local TV program outside this region, you will see a message that you do not have access to the stream. You can easily solve this with a VPN. You choose a server in your home country and we take care of the rest 😉 All you have to do is enjoy your program.

Frequently asked questions

GOOSE VPN is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) built to protect you and keep you safe online. A VPN connection encrypts the connection between your device and our VPN servers. When you connect through GOOSE VPN, all your internet traffic is sent to our servers. GOOSE VPN uses a high strength 256-bit encryption to protect your data. 256-bit tells you how strong the encryption is.  At the moment, a 256-bit encryption is the safest. GOOSE VPN only uses the best encryption for your safety. GOOSE VPN protects all your internet traffic, even if you are on a public network. Your internet traffic goes through one of our servers that determine your location. This also gives you other geographical advantages and gives you access to all websites. Read more about the advantages of GOOSE VPN here.
GOOSE VPN has several servers available to use for downloading. Every server in our list has either the words P2P (download) or NO P2P (no download) behind it. When you choose a server that you can use to download, you will be safe and untraceable. We advise everyone to turn on GOOSE VPN when downloading something with, for example, uTorrent or streaming on Popcorn Time. Are you curious which servers you can use for downloading? You can find them in the app and on this page.
You can easily register by filling in our registration form, this includes an email address and password. Not in the mood to make a separate account? You can also login via Facebook. When you finished the payment the account can be used right away.
GOOSE VPN not only guarantees your safety on the internet, but is also customer-friendly and affordable. Our software is built in a way that does not require any technical knowledge. You just press the button to get a safe internet connection. Do you need help or do you have a question? No problem! Our Dutch customer service (which also speaks English of course) is available 24x7x365. GOOSE VPN is also very affordable. You can try GOOSE VPN for the first 30 days with our first 30 day money back guarantee. You are not committed to anything and you cancel your subscription any time within that period. Start your GOOSE VPN adventure in just three simple steps! When choosing a VPN, it is important to check that your data will not be stored or sold to third parties, like the Brein Foundation (an association for the Protection of the Rights of the Entertainment Industry of the Netherlands). GOOSE VPN does not share user information with other organisations. With the Cyber Alarm add-on you have the option to connect with Cyber Alarm servers. While connected to those servers the metadata of your internet activity is monitored and saved for review. While this does mean that complete anonimity is gone, the way it can help with bolstering online security is not to be underestimated.
It is often said that VPN slows down the internet, which is why many people don’t want to use VPN. We are here to tell you that this is not necessarily true, though it does depend on the VPN version you are using. Your internet connection does slow down a bit, but we are doing everything we can to limit this. When testing the servers the internet speed is one of the most important requirements. You can expect GOOSE VPN servers to be around 50 mb/s.

Why watch local TV abroad with GOOSE VPN?

Stream what you want anytime, anywhere, even if the content isn't available at your location.

Use GOOSE VPN on an unlimited number of devices. So you can stream on multiple devices at the same time.

Support in your own language! Do you have questions? Our support is simply in English and available 24/7.

No download and upload limits. You can stream as much as you want without sacrificing quality and speed.

Choose the package that suits you

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€59.88 billed per year

1 Year

Save €60,88
Protected for one year
30 day money back guarantee
Best Deal
€89,00/ One time


Unlimited bandwidth
Lifetime access to GOOSE VPN
30 day money back guarantee
€9,99/ Month

Monthly billed

1 Month

Can be canceled monthly
Extra flexible
30 day money back guarantee
24/7 Support
Unblock all your favorite series
Unlimited number of devices
30 day money back guarantee
No data limits

Read here what our users think about us

Affordable and user-friendly VPN with a decent server network. Provides reliable encryption and privacy features for basic browsing needs
Goose VPN is a reliable and user-friendly VPN service that offers strong security features and a straightforward interface. With servers in multiple countries, Goose VPN allows you to access geo-restricted content and browse the internet anonymously. The service uses robust encryption protocols to protect your data and has a strict no-logs policy, ensuring your privacy. Goose VPN's unlimited simultaneous connections feature is a great advantage, allowing you to protect multiple devices with a single subscription. If you're looking for a VPN service that is easy to use and provides decent security, Goose VPN is worth considering.
Luca Pagano
Good VPN for good pricing, recommended!
Nick Ofman
Gebruik al jaren goose en werkt altijd top!
Melvin de Graaff
Zeer tevreden. Werkt goed op IOS.
Thomas Stoffer
Ik gebruik GOOSE al jaren voor zowel streaming als browsen zonder enig probleem!

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