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What are the advantages of a VPN provider?

You have a PC or a laptop and you also make use of Internet services on your smartphone or tablet. You are probably a user who knows about the possibilities as well as the threats of the online world. You do not take any irresponsible risks, but you don’t let them make you go crazy, either. You might not know the actual detailed technical aspects, but you don’t need to. You are capable of assessing the importance of security measurements and what to do with them. At home, you indeed have a good WiFi network, protected with an access code. You have good security software and you carefully install all necessary updates.

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Have you ever thought of a Virtual Private Network?

At home you make use of your private network, protected and secured. But if you regularly make use of a public network, then you know you are in fact taking risks. And the risks do not outweigh the ease of use of WiFi in public spaces that is easily accessible for everyone. In fact, smart hackers have a much easier time accessing your personal data on such a public network, or your business information, if your laptop is a company laptop. Is it sensible to take such a risk? For a small monthly fee you can avoid these risks and you will get a lot of additional benefits in return, not only in the area of much more improved security. This is what a Virtual Private Network can offer you. We will gladly exemplify.

How does it work?

Through a Virtual Private Network you, as a user, get access to a public network, but it will be done so through a secured server. In addition, the information that you transmit is encrypted through means of encryption protocols, making it basically secret code. Should someone break into your laptop through a public network, he can’t do anything with your information, because he doesn’t know how to decrypt the secret code. So, you will profit off of the availability of a public network, but you will be fully protected. You can even choose to operate fully anonymously. What you do, after you have logged in to a public network, is creating a connection with your VPN server through your network software and then you can simply do the things you want to do, but it will be done using secret code through a secured connection.

The advantages of a VPN, especially for the private user

Those who want to work fully anonymously, can choose to not reveal the location of their Virtual Private Network, and the IP address can also remain hidden. Based on your IP address, smart hackers can find out what websites you have visited and what data you have downloaded. This means they will have to know your IP address. Are you the kind of person to make the decision yourself what you look for on the web, and are you not looking for agencies to decide what sites you can and can not visit? With a Virtual Private Network, you can circumvent blocked sites. You are in charge and you are wise enough to decide where you get your information from. No one needs to know what sites you visit. You do not want websites to place unwanted cookies and tracker software on your laptop. With the right settings on your Virtual Private Network, you can prevent this.

Advantages of a VPN for business users

If you work for a company with multiple locations, that exchange a lot of competition sensitive data, then it is important for this to happen in a manner that is as secure as possible. This type of data represents concrete money and often a large size. A Virtual Private Network as additional security between the different locations, ensuring that your sensitive data can be shared in a safe manner, give you a peace of mind and it definitely pays off. Through your secured network, you can choose to encrypt your data for additional assurance.

Are you interested?

Has this caught your interest? Do you also want to profit off of additional security and assurance? If you were thinking you have to fork over a lot of money for this, don’t you worry. Against low costs you can have your own Virtual Private Network through GOOSE VPN. Click here to register with GOOSE with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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