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Australia’s National Get a VPN Day

Australia’s National Get a VPN Day

The Australian human rights group Digital Rights Watch is calling for widespread use of VPNs after new data retention laws take effect in the country. The new policy declares that all service providers log and store sensitive customer data regarding their internet usage. This data is subject to search by governmental organizations and could even be leaked to the public, as has happened before with ISP’s like AOL, or sold to third-party commercial interests. Privacy advocates everywhere are encouraging regular, everyday internet users to obtain a VPN service by announcing the National Get a VPN Day, to protect their own identity and internet activities from prying eyes.

How a VPN Works

Virtual Private Network, commonly referred to as VPN, help protect the identity of internet users by routing their traffic through secure, encrypted privately-owned network tunnels. Such routing and encryption prevents the users Internet Service Provider from being able to monitor any activity occurring through the connection.

Many VPN providers have private tunnels and networks in a variety of countries, meaning you can use them to bypass local policies and restrictions such as the new law in Australia that requires network logging and data retention.

Who should use a VPN?

Virtually every internet user should be connected through a VPN, especially those living in countries like Australia with strict data retention policies that subvert an individuals right to privacy. While installing a VPN client may sound like a daunting task for those who aren’t tech savvy, it’s actually amazingly simple to do. This is especially true if you’re using user-friendly services like GOOSE VPN, whose online support documentation can take care of any question or issue that may arise.

Since most people want the privacy and benefits of a VPN, without any hassle of learning curve to master, user-friendly VPNs are growing in popularity. Not only should a VPN be used for home connections for protection from your own ISP, they are an essential tool for connecting to public networks like those found in cafes and airports. If you’re not behind a VPN while connected to a public network, then you’re opening yourself up to hackers and malware that may be lurking beside on the network, ready to steal your financial information for later use.

Benefits of a VPN Service

A VPN subscription not only encrypts and protects your data from service providers and others on public networks, it can also provide you privacy-related benefits while surfing the web. Some websites and content online is restricted from or available to specific countries and regions of the world. VPNs allow you to choose where your traffic shows as coming from, so you can access content otherwise not available to you. Check with your specific VPN provider for a list of countries available to route your data through.

VPN services also offer you better connections to regional content like live streams of sports games, or new TV episodes. You can watch content from any country by selecting the appropriate connection type through your VPN client.

Using a VPN is as easy as downloading the VPN provider’s preferred client application and entering your username and password. If you can browse the web or perform searches online then you’re already skilled enough with computers to install and use a VPN service.

The Dutch VPN service of GOOSE VPN

If you have an internet connection in 2017 you should have a VPN service. Just consider it part of the cost of protecting your identity in the globalized market of online scams and identity theft. With government and corporate attacks on privacy, hopefully National Get a VPN Day will inspire every internet users to protect themselves with a VPN service.

The cost of a VPN ranges from $2.99 per month and up with providers like GOOSE VPN offering a free trial month to get you started. Give yourself a peace of mind while surfing the web by signing up for a VPN service today to protect yourself from intrusions on your privacy. Click here to register for GOOSE VPN and try GOOSE VPN 30 days for free.

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