Privacy Initiative: Get a VPN in Australia

Privacy has always been the biggest concern in our world today and with the constant rise of new technology accessible to us, whether we can keep our business to ourselves continues to be a public debate. Even now, our networks are at the mercy of various foreign and local threats. It doesn’t help that our internet history, personal emails, financial accounts, and social media profiles can now be legally attained by the variety providers that bill us every month. So, what is this policy all about and what can we do to get around it?—if there is anyway. Luckily, there’s a silver lining and the only way to see it is to get a VPN in Australia.

Australia’s Mandatory data retention scheme

As of April 13, 2017, the Australian Attorney General Department has finally approved a plan allowing service providers to keep tabs and collect their customers’ internet data. That means the scheme permits companies affording cable, cell, and internet connection can now research customers internet history, emails, phone contacts, and even online purchases. This permission gains them much more access to more personal information such as bank accounts, home addresses, and other crucial personal information and documentations including health care, identification numbers, various insurance policies. The list can go on which is striking controversy and fear into both customers, legal representatives of service providers, and various privacy advocate groups nationwide.

The process of data collection

Though most describe the process of collecting internet and phone data as recording where the information goes rather than what the information is about—which is true—few realize the process to search and retain data connects where it’s going to what it is about. Since phones and computers have the same functions now, it’s easy for providers to connect where a customer is going on the internet to who they are and where they live and work on a daily basis. In order for providers to know where your information is going, they also must get fragments of what your data is about to track it.

Privacy Controversy

Privacy Advocate groups and even service providers have highly criticized the scheme as an unaffordable burden on customers and for companies. Declared unjustifiable in its purpose and results, the plan can possibly cost thousands of Australian companies and millions of Australian citizens’ personal information to be in the hands of almost anybody both nationally and internationally, causing a major security threat. The policy allows encryption—which is the process of encoding or hiding information—an optional method while they keep it in a database that could easily be read by anybody with access.

Even more troubling is that the Australian government is assessing whether they can allow collected data from these service providers to be used in civil court cases such as divorce, family custody battles, and overall social service investigations. Many declare and even believe that the only bases to use the data collection in any way is for investigation into charges and crimes related to terrorism.

Answer: Get a VPN in Australia

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a secure network that keeps your internet presence hidden in wireless connection hot spots both free and protected in order to keep your privacy and identity safe. It’s similar to an anti-virus but its specific purpose is to prevent intruders who try to use the same wi-fi from getting to your information. It allows users to remain unseen from third parties when you shop, email, watch, and play online thus keeping where you go on the website a secret.

The purpose of VPN is not only to protect your privacy, but it also allows you to explore international and exclusive contents without being pried on by others. Getting a VPN in Australia allows you to gain access to other popular websites in other countries that would usually be blocked through their internet servers, allowing you to compare prices and reviews of your interests. It also has no effect on your internet speed and even boosts it when exploring webpages on other servers.

VPN’s purpose is to continue guarding your privacy as you surf and search online. Its system is military type data protection that even make it very difficult for train cyber-security professionals to breech and hack.


As a concern Australian citizen, you do not take your privacy and personal information for granted and know that too much is at risk to not act. GOOSE VPN is one of the easiest to use secure networks for where you go on the web. GOOSE allows you to remain hidden on the web by encrypting your data. It allows you to travel safely through websites you prefer to go on without any worry of having your personal information seen or hacked into. Want to get a VPN in Australia? Click here to register for GOOSE VPN.