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Connect with a VPN before logging in to Facebook!

It is clear that Facebook currently is one of the most popular social media platforms: literally 1.7 billion people have an account. But this size brings also a number of disadvantages with it, as well as risks against which you’d better protect yourself as a user.

To what extent are Facebook data really private and what can you do in order to improve your online safety and privacy via the platform? These are questions that require a clear answer.

Social media know more than you think

The platform is, besides a social media platform, also simply a breeding ground of information about the users. Whether they are shared with others via chat, or they simply stay on your profile as supplementary information, the data is visible and thus also not protected.

But social madia also keep track of other data. This way, it is always known which pages exactly you like, what you have shared, etc. On the basis of these, the platform knows what are your interests are and what you are involved in. Even if you aren’t logged in anymore, the platform still follows you. Cookies that collect information about your behavior on the Internet always end up on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Why and how the platform uses personal information

As soon as certain information about your interests and purchases has been gathered, the ads that you get to see on the platform are also adapted to it. Facebook has quite a few sources of income, but placing ads is the largest one. This is also why the platform can afford to be free of charge. If you have searched information about a new car the past few days, then you may well promptly get to see ads that correspond to this.


Getting back at social media with a VPN connection

Although the way Facebook (and also quite a few other social media and search engines such as Google) works is indeed legal, it is of course not nice knowing that you are always being followed. You are never really sure anymore about privacy and online security because who knows which personal data they have?

Getting ads to see is annoying, to say the least, and in the worst case, an invasion of privacy. Many people look for ways to circumvent this and choosing a VPN is undoubtedly the best measure you can take. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, gives you the option to go “underground” as a user of the Internet, by which your browsing data and history remain hidden, so to speak.

What exactly does a VPN connection do?

A VPN connection actually uses already existing Internet connections but encrypts the data that you send via your connection. This way, even hackers can’t do anything with it, because, even they intercept this information, they can’t figure out the encryption.

A VPN connection actually hides your real Internet address (your IP address), by which your online identity remains unknown. Also your geographic location remains anonymous, so government authorities and hackers can’t know where exactly you are. In this way, also no ads can be placed on the basis of your searches on the Internet: this information is simply unknown.

Choosing the right VPN service for an anonymous connection with the Internet

It goes without saying that the offer of VPN services is really extensive, which means that it can often be difficult to select the provider that matches perfectly with your situation and budget. GOOSE VPN is without a doubt one of the better services, partly due to its low price (only 2.99 euros per month) but also due to an optimal encryption of your connection and data (via a 256 bit protocol).

This way, your personal data is not visible for anyone and surfing on the Internet anonymously becomes much more simple and carefree. You can always try the service for free for 30 days so that you can get a taste and always protect yourself against third parties – and, naturally, also against those annoying Facebook ads.

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