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Dutch VPN service GOOSE VPN

Whomever wishes to use the Internet and surf safely at all times better make use of a Dutch VPN service with GOOSE VPN. A VPN is also called a Virtual Private Network and consists of a private encrypted network that you can use to surf the Internet safely and anonymously. Additionally you get more options on the Internet when you use a VPN, seeing as this type of connection can circumvent certain restrictions.

On this page you can read about all you can do with a Dutch VPN service of GOOSE VPN. Do you doubt whether to get a VPN from GOOSE? Then we recommend you to carefully read through this article, so that you gain insight into the possibilities of a Virtual Private Network.

Why you MUST use GOOSE VPN

Circumventing geographical restrictions with a Dutch VPN service

First off, you can use a Virtual Private Network to circumvent geographical restrictions. An example of a geographical restriction is the fact that you can not make use of Uitzending Gemist abroad, seeing as this website can only be viewed in the Netherlands. If you do want to rewatch episodes abroad, then you can make use of a VPN to circumvent these restrictions. You can simply watch Uitzending Gemist in a foreign country, even to rewatch entire series.

Of course this is not the only restriction you can circumvent when you use a VPN, but it is just one of the many restrictions that you can circumvent with a VPN. For example, do you want to watch a series on Netflix, but is this series only available in America so far? Then you simply change your IP address to an American IP address to circumvent this restriction.

Anonymous Internet usage with a Dutch VPN service

Naast het omzeilen van geografische restricties met een Nederlandse VPN service, kun je een VPN ook gebruiken om anoniem te internetten.

In addition to circumventing geographical restrictions with a Dutch VPN service, you can use a VPN to surf the Internet anonymously.

This is for example very useful when you want to upload or download Torrents, seeing as you can be fined by Stichting Brein.

If you use a Virtual Private Network when uploading or downloading Torrents, Brein will never find out which IP address is behind the Torrents. This means that you can never get caught, but you can simply continue up- and downloading.

Always browse the Internet safely with a Dutch VPN service

Finally, the Virtual Private Network of GOOSE VPN offers you the possibility to always safely make use of the Internet.

A VPN is double secured with double encryption and this means that even the smartest hackers can’t hack the connection. Much better than the use of a public wifi-network, because these often have dangerous security leaks.

Especially when you check your mail, type in a password somewhere or even make online payments, the use of a Dutch VPN service is certainly recommended.