Prevent DNS hijacking with a secure VPN connection
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Prevent DNS hijacking with a secure VPN service

Everyone knows that surfing the internet isn’t always safe. Hackers are behind every corner, waiting to intercept our personal data. We have to be constantly on the lookout for all kinds of different viruses. And we should not forget to enable our firewall and regularly update our antivirus software. However, DNS hijacking is still one of the most important security risks that you have to be aware of.

The Domain Name System

Let’s talk about DNS first. The abbreviation stands for “Domain Name System”. If you want to surf website, you enter its URL in the address bar of your browser, for example On the internet, each website has a numeric address, that is called the IP address. In order to visit the website, your computer system will have to figure out the IP address of that website. That’s why it will send a lookup request to a so called DNS server. If the DNS server is able to find the IP address in its directory, the requested connection can be established.

Hijacked DNS server

Your computer will request IP address from a default DNS server that is usually provided by your internet service provider (ISP). In case your PC has been compromised by certain computer viruses, it is possible that your PC no longer connects with the default DNS server, but with a fake DNS server. It then seems like your default DNS server got hijacked. In the case you’d then like to visit a website like, you won’t end up on the real Google site, but on a faked, counterfeit website. These false websites are designed in a way that they can infect your PC with additional viruses and steal your personal data. You are not in control of the false websites you’re visiting.

Avoiding DNS hijacking

The computer system has to be already infected by a virus before DNS hijacking can be put into place. In order to prevent the infection, you can either install a good antivirus software program or apply a firewall. But the best way to completely safely and securely browse the internet is the use of a VPN service.

Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) also makes use of the existing internet connection. By applying an additional encryption protocol, your data is communicated safely from and to your device. A hacker that wants to intercept your sensitive data doesn’t have any chance. In addition, nobody is able to track your identity. You are completely anonymous.

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