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Why you should choose a Dutch VPN service

Secure internet without restrictions using a Dutch VPN

Imagine: you are reading in the garden. The neighbours hang over the fence and are trying to find out what book you are reading. Or you’re paying your groceries with a credit card and the cashier writes down the number. Of course you don’t want that! So would you want someone to be able to see what websites you’re visiting, where you are doing your wire transfers or who you’re talking to on Whatsapp? Do you find your privacy importance, your online life included? Then go with a VPN service, specifically: a Dutch VPN service!

What is a VPN exactly

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The most important part in the name is the word “private”, because a VPN is the ideal way to safely and anonymously browse the web. No curious eyes that watch you while you surf, stream or perform an online payment. Simply put, everything what you do online is encrypted by means of VPN protocols and led through a virtual tunnel. Your own IP address is shielded by an anonymous IP address.

No priers

As soon as you are online, everybody is able to see what you’re doing. The government as well. Unfortunately, this also includes people with bad intentions such as hackers. And that isn’t something you want of course. If you access the world wide web through a Virtual Private Network, no one will be to track down your IP address, and no one will be able to watch where you’re going.

You thus stay completely anonymous. But there are additional advantages. You are probably already aware of the following problem. You want to watch a short clip or series on a certain website, and are notified that the content is only accessible to the citizens of the country where the server for that website or app is located. Such a situation can be avoided when you are surfing around on the internet through a Virtual Private Network.

Safety above all

You are sitting in a bar and log in to your e-mail through a public hotspot. Incredibly convenient, but is it safe? Who is looking over your shoulders while you are opening messages in your inbox? Who knows what credit card information you are entering when you are performing an online payment for that nice shirt or comfy pair of jeans you have ordered? Hackers know all kinds of ways to bypass security; cyber criminality is becoming an ever-increasing problem. A Dutch VPN service can protect you against hackers and spammers. Your connection is secure, and no one can track what you’re doing, which is why you’re finally able to be relaxed while you’re using the internet.

Using a Dutch VPN service during your vacation

If you are on vacation, you are frequently using a different IP address. If you then want to check if there’s enough money on your bank account to rent that awesome surf board, you may encounter some problems. The bank may not recognize your IP address and deny access to your account. By using a VPN connection, you won’t have this problem, and you will able to log in anywhere around the world on secure websites!

Advantages of a Dutch VPN service

Many people have already preceded you and taken care of their privacy by using a American VPN provider for example. That is fine, but it still better to go with a Dutch VPN provider. Why? Well, to begin with, the legislation in our country is more favourable, and the risk of censorship is is smaller compared to many other countries. Because you are getting a Dutch IP, Dutch legislation will apply to you as well. You will of course still receive English support if you have questions or experiencing any problems with our service, which is of course quite nice  when it comes to technical matters.

Why should I go with GOOSE VPN?

If you aren’t technologically sounded, it may all sound quite complicated. But is it too complicated for you? Well, no. GOOSE VPN has been specifically designed for users that aren’t technical savants. The VPN service of the Dutch VPN provider GOOSE VPN is in fact very user-friendly and easy to use. And the price shouldn’t turn you down as well. Agains low costs, you can carelessly browse the web with a restful heart. Even better: You can now register at GOOSE with a 30-day money back guarantee.


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