Free VPN of Opera: too good to be true?

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Free VPN of Opera: too good to be true?

Opera, known for its browsers for desktops and smartphones, has recently released a free and unlimited VPN service onto the market for their operating system iOS. This sounds rather unbelievable: you could ask yourself how safe such a free VPN service could be.

VPN: secured virual private network

The intention of a VPN connection is to be able to transfer data through existing Internet connections in a fully secured manner. A VPN connection makes use of special protocols for this, that encrypt data. VPN services also apply multiple IP addresses, so that the identity of the user can not be retrieved. Thus, an ideal way way to surf the Internet anonymously and securely.

Good for sales

In March 2015, Opera took over the American VPN service SurfEasy. SurfEasy offers a paid VPN service for desktops and smartphones that is highly regarded. The free VPN service that Opera is now introducing, is based on the SurfEasy technology, but especially developed for Opera. The fact that there is now a paid variant of this SurfEasy VPN service, with more options, makes it possible for Opera to offer a free VPN. Moreover, it is good for the sales to emphasize the security and privacy. Without a doubt, Opera can get a lot of new customers with this new free service.

How safe is it really?

One could put some question marks with the free and unlimited VPN service of Opera. After alll, there are expensive servers required that can handle the large amounts of data that many users send at the same time through a VPN connection. These servers should be earned back, one way or another. Usually this is done by offering paid subscriptions. Some providers of VPN also use income through ads in their VPN application. So, whether full security and anonymity can be guaranteed with a free VPN is to be debated. In any case it is recommended to not submit any personal information (passwords, PIN codes,…) through a free VPN service. We’ll also see for how long Opera will continue to run this free service.

Better alternatives

Whomever expects absolute guarantees when it comes to security of data and unlimited anonymous surfing on the Internet should better choose a reliable paid VPN provider. Nowadays you can use GOOSE VPN for less than three euros per month, allowing you to send up to 50 GB of secured data per minute. You will have multiple IP addresses at your disposal, so that people can not easily track down your identity or location. Thus, anonymity on the Internet is secured.

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