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Why you should not trust free VPN providers

Many people these days use a VPN provider to be able to surf the web in an anonymous way. A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, allows you to check the sites you want to online safely, which can be a great option for people who use public computers or who travel a lot. There are plenty of VPN providers out there that offer free services, but there are a number of reasons why you should not consider turning to them when you want to make use of the advantages of a VPN.

Slow Speed using a free VPN Provider

Many free providers offer very slow WiFi speeds. If you are casually checking email or a page or two, this might be all right, but if you want to play online games or watch anything, you will want to turn to a provider that offers better WiFi speed. This will usually mean having to pay a small fee.

Lack of Safety using a free VPN

The purpose of using a virtual private network is to surf safely when you use Wi-Fi in a public computer, so you want a provider that con offer this. Many of the free ones cannot guarantee your online safety. You need to know who the provider is and if they are legitimate. By choosing one that offers services for a fee, you can easily find this information out, but not with one that is free.

No Assistance

You may need customer assistance at some point. Will the free provider be able to offer it? Most of them do not have contact information that you can rely on, so it is always a better idea to turn to one that asks for a fee. GOOSE offers you 24/7 customer support. Nights, weekend, holidays – we are always helping our customers online. We don’t outsource customer support.

When using Wi-Fi on any device, the best thing you can do for your safety is use a virtual private network. With a service like GOOSE VPN, you can expect the right kind of service for a very modest fee. Get started today and try GOOSE for one month!

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